A visit to the Boys & Girls Club

Happy Friday, springbots! Just a reminder to RSVP to the holiday party at Sweetwater next week. Additionally, there's still a few spots left to go to the Draper Boys & Girls Club to hand out presents on Tuesday, from 4:30-7pm. Sign up here! And here are three other things you should know: 1. Facebook is for the pros. Late to the game, but still arriving, Facebook has released a platform for creators looking to monetize their Facebook profiles. Facebook's new professional mode is a part of Meta's ongoing commitment to creators. Facebook has launched a new professional mode for profiles that will let eligible creators earn money without the need to create a separate Page. The feature is part of Facebook parent Meta's $1 billion investment in creators that includes bonuses for Instagram influencers and an expansion to the Stars program announced yesterday by CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The biggest feature of professional mode profiles is the addition of the Reels Play bonus program that allows creators to earn up to $35,000 a month based on views of qualifying reels (videos). Previously, that program was only open to users with Pages. It'll be invitation-only for professional profiles to start with, with more information about how to create reels here. Engadget 2. Conscientious shopping is in. Trying to reduce the impact your shopping has on the planet but don't know where to start? Cerqular, an online marketplace that started last year, can help with that. Cerqular offers an ecosystem of sustainable brands—across apparel, beauty, grocery, and more (its range is part of the pitch)—selling products that come with clear “end-of-life solutions” (like upcycling, recycling, and resale options), as well as carbon-neutral shipping. The company’s definition of “sustainable” also includes organic, vegan, and eco-friendly goods. After rolling out in the US last year, Cerqular has grown to 135+ verified brands and 50,000+ products. “We connect the dots at every touchpoint of a product’s lifecycle,” CEO David Friedrichs explained. “The power of change really lies in our spending dollars, but unfortunately, sustainable everything remains so inaccessible.” Retail Brew 3. Wayfair is going brick-and-mortar. The ecommerce purveyor of homegoods has announced it will be opening stores in 2022 in the company's home state of Massachusetts. [T]he company announced it would open three stores under two of its specialty sub-brands next year with more to come over the following two years. And conversations with Wayfair suppliers who have been briefed on pending plans suggest the store push will accelerate even more so, extending to the mothership Wayfair brand as well. For Wayfair, which has become the first or second largest online seller of home furnishings products with more than $14 billion in annual revenue, the move into physical stores is both long overdue and critical for its ongoing success. Key home furnishings competitors like the Williams Sonoma group of brands, Bed Bath & Beyond and mainstream discount and department store operations all have well established omnichannel operations integrating online and in-store. Even Amazon is aggressively going into the physical store space with a multitude of formats in assorted shapes and sizes. Forbes

Mind Edit Check out the December Calm Calendar! Today's mindfulness challenge - "Write a list of things that make you feel peaceful." Birthdays Tara Crawshaw (Dec. 8) Ryan Riordan (Dec. 8) Preston Palmer (Dec. 11)

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