Don't Come Into the Office on These Days

With the holidays fast approaching, just a quick reminder on the days the office will be closed: Dec. 24 Dec. 25 Jan. 1 Additionally, PROFIT has an opening on their team for a Revenue Operations Analyst. If you know anyone who might be interested or have any questions about the role, please speak to Cody McGuire. And here are three more important things you should know: 1. Waze is upping its capabilities for the winter. Whether you're a fan or not (not; Waze totally takes you the longest route possible), the apps latest reporting feature is pretty cool sounding. "Crowdsourced navigation app and Google  subsidiary Waze  is adding new features that allow you to report within the app unplowed roads made more dangerous or inaccessible during snowstorms, and also to see reports posted by other people who have already added their own to the map. This Waze update was also developed by the company after it received a recommendation from the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to build this kind of reporting option, working with the municipal agency through its Waze for Cities Data partnership and data sharing program." TechCrunch 2. Old Navy is betting on Postmates. This holiday season, Old Navy decided to expand its delivery capabilities by partnering with Postmates to deliver clothes customers order online. So if you're worried snow and ice will keep USPS from delivering a gift you need, you can have some poor soul looking for extra cash this year drop it off instead. "In the cutthroat world of e-comm, free or fast shipping isn’t much of a differentiator anymore. Old Navy’s found a way to nip at Amazon’s heels by tapping a localized delivery service and using its stores as distribution centers. As for’s already traded 2am mozz sticks deliveries for partnerships with Walmart (2018) and Apple (2015). Its customers also have a hankering for clothes: Clothing orders have grown 60% on the delivery app year-over-year." Retail Brew 3. Have you checked out some of the latest restaurants opening in Atlanta? Supremo Taco on Memorial Drive, Forza Storico at Westside Provisions, Le Colonial in Buckhead and Pantry & Provisions downtown. Check out a quick recap by Atlanta Magazine here.

Springbot Shoutouts "Great job to Manon, Emily, Joanna, and Amanda for another great employee appreciation gift -- it is one of the best Springbot traditions. This year is extra special being able to feature a customer." Erika Brookes  "Shoutout to Carrie Bushman who has been working with me for over a month to close HLG and together we were able to put all of his hesitations to rest and sign him up today! Thank you for living up to your reputation of coming in and saving the day!" Taylor Lupton "Shoutout to Abby Barnett and Joel Thomas for jumping on a call with a frustrated customer. They helped talk through his questions and concerns, and we found a solution that he was very happy about. Thanks for your help! #turningcustomersintofans" Nick Hardy "A big thank you to the Marketing Team, Joanna and Emily for helping wrap and distribute the Holiday Gift! Couldn't have done it without y'all!" Manon Audibert "Shoutout to Lisa Ng, Jarrett Board, Christina Roughton, Erika Brookes and Manon Audibert for cleaning out and organizing the marketing closet! It looks amazing!" Ben Smith  "Shoutout to Carrie and everyone on the Content Team for always making time to jump on calls with the Sales Team, we appreciate everything you all do!" Clayton Finney New From Marketing Gearing up for Q1 2020, we have built a new calendar highlighting all your important holidays for January, February and March! Check it out here. Mind Edit I hope everyone enjoyed the Springbot Holiday Gift! I know there might be some questions around how to use your EQPD bag so I wanted to share some ideas: - A reusable grocery bag (next time you head to Whole Foods, take your bag!) - Workout/Gym Bag - Lake/Beach/Pool Bag - Picnic Bag (movies in the park, concert in the park?) - Tailgate Bag - Pet Bag - Springbot Sport (kickball, softball) Bag - Work Bag - Men's Baby Bag (?) Happy Birthday! Preston Palmer (Dec. 11) Clayton Finney (Dec. 14) Olivia Todd (Dec. 14)

That's all for this week! Marketing Team

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