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Just a reminder that Monday is Laughing Hour on the Square, a comedy event hosted by Colony Square. Check your email for the invite and make sure to RSVP! And here are three other things you should know: 1. A cure for Zoom Fatigue? As the very real effects caused by Zoom Fatigue grow and grow, one company is looking to mitigate the negative impact constant online meetings are causing. Meetings are an inevitable part of the work day, but as workplaces became more distributed over the past 18 months, Vowel CEO Andy Berman says we are steadily moving toward “death by meeting.” His virtual meeting platform is the latest to receive venture capital funding — $13.5 million — with the goal of making meetings more useful before, during and after. Vowel is launching a meeting operating system with tools like real-time transcription; integrated agendas, notes and action items; meeting analytics; and searchable, on-demand recordings of meetings. The company has a freemium business model and will also be rolling out a business plan this fall for $16 per user per month. Extra features will include advanced integrations, security and admin controls. TC 2. TikTok is driving dorm room revenue. Besides helping spread new dances and harmful disinformation, it seems TikTok has been a real boon for the dorm furniture and decoration industry. With colleges back in full swing, students are taking to the social media platform to get ideas for their 180-square-feet cinder block dwellings. In the TikTok era, even dorm rooms become a backdrop for #content. With more than 3 million incoming freshmen looking to fly their parents’ coops this fall, students are flocking to TikTok for inspiration on how to make their concrete cells sparkle. The proof is in the platform: On TikTok, “#dorm” is tagged in 27,000+ videos and has 299+ million views. “#dormessentials” has garnered more than 47 million views. “#Dormlife” had 2.7 billion views at the time of writing. And students won’t be cutting costs on comfort this year; according to Deloitte, back-to-college consumers will shell out $26.7 billion, or $1,459 per student. Retail Brew 3. 20 years later. Tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary of 9/11, and no doubt a slew of retrospectives and opinion pieces will be rolled out. The rapidly developing capabilities of the internet at the time gave the country a front row seat to what was happening - unlike any travesty before it. But it's easy to get lost in the politics, and the videos and the pictures from that day. Finding ourselves desensitized to the actual human lives lost is not out of the ordinary. So I wanted to share this piece by a woman who lost her father that day. Just as a reminder of what all was lost that day. Read it here.

Know Your Newbies Please join us in welcoming Selena Nguyen as she joins the Customer Success team as an intern and welcome back Ryan Riordan who is rejoining our development team!

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Fitness - It's not about time, it's about frequency. Check out this NYT article which explains how beneficial a 2 minute walk can be. New York Times Birthdays Chris Oh (Sept. 6) Taylor Hendrix (Sept. 9)

Anniversaries Miles Raphael (3 years)

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