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Just a reminder we have our first monthly company meeting today at 12:30. These meetings will take place twice a quarter in addition to our quarterly company meetings. And here are three other things you should know: 1. There's another robot on Mars. After our last rover on Mars gave us the saddest farewell message imaginable, yesterday NASA landed Perseverance without problems on the red planet with a more inspiring message: "I’m safe on Mars. Perseverance will get you anywhere." While the agency has landed other missions on Mars, the $2.7 billion robotic explorer named Perseverance carries a sophisticated set of scientific tools that will bring advanced capabilities to the search for life beyond our planet. Perseverance was the third robotic visitor from Earth to arrive at the red planet this month. Last week, two other spacecraft, Hope from the United Arab Emirates and Tianwen-1 from China, entered orbit around Mars. NYT 2. PayPal is going big. What's a super app? Well, PayPal is going to try to answer that question for us in the near future. The company’s CEO, Dan Schulman, laid out his plan during an investor day presentation. As reported by Protocol, Schulman notes that most consumers only “want 8 to 10 apps.” With meme-making tools making up half of them, there's an appetite for one app covering all your financial needs. PayPal plans to focus on payments, shopping, and financial services (checking, savings, investment, crypto, rewards) with these benefits: AI-powered money management: With all your data in one place, PayPal can help you make budgeting and investing decisions; ‘Contextual Commerce’: With a purchase track record, PayPal can partner with merchants to give personalized offers and deals. The Hustle 3. Interested in learning how you can help Texas during the state's crisis? Check out this compilation of ways to help.

We'd also like to give a shout out to the Matcha Pitch-A-Thon winners! Congrats! 1st Place - Price Donaldson 2nd Place - Nick Hardy 3rd Place - (3 way tie) Dot Townsend, Duncan McClellan and Preston Palmer

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Mind Edit Read any really amazing books lately? Looking for a new read? Check out the Mind Edit Library and please add any books you've enjoyed! Thank you to Christina Roughton for this great idea! And BONUS for the #cooking channel - added a tab for Cookbooks! Birthdays Abby Weatherby (Feb. 18) Fynn Glover (Feb. 19) Matt Manning (Feb. 19) Surjania Awer (Feb. 19) Javier Munoz (Feb. 21)


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