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It's been an emotionally heavy week here in Atlanta and across the U.S. And while we typically have been using this space to brighten the team's day, it's important to not let that emotion go to waste. Now more than ever we should be striving to learn more, be better and do better. So this week, we'll be using this space to help everyone do just that. With special thanks to Marcus Vassell and Rosalynn Glover for compiling these resources, here are some good starting points: Donate. There are a number of funds that Springbot team members can make contributions to to help raise awareness:

Educate. Here are three important resources we all can take a look at to help start or continue educating ourselves and share with our networks and social circles:

  1. Read This: How to Make This Moment the Turning Point for Real Change

  2. Watch This: Systemic Racism Explained

  3. Listen to This: The 1619 Podcast

Springbot Shoutouts "Shoutout to Jimmy Gutowski. He’s been a bright spot for me at Springbot. Proud to have him as a manager. He looks out for his team + he’s been a shining example of what allyship looks like.” LaMia Florence "Thank you to Brooks, our SLT Team, and everyone who has played a part in creating a voice & presence for Springbot throughout 2020s matters -- whether Corona or social injustices, I've been impressed with the ways we've responded, educated, and given back. It makes me proud to work for Springbot!" Matt Gianakos "Shoutout to the sales team on breaking our monthly close ratio record (again..) and landing at 39% for the month of June!" Travis Wheeler "Shout out to the Return to Office Tiger Team for surveying the Springbot office and Colony Square this week!" Abby Weatherby Thank you Tara Crawshaw, Jimmy Gutowski, Jared Meline, Amber Remm, Marie Bormolini, and Marcus Vassell and the rest of the Success team for coming and sharing details on the new customer experience with sales!" Emily Farina "Shoutout to the Campaign Services Team. I love how open, understanding + supportive we are with one another. Y’all are the real ones.” LaMia Florence "Shoutout to my entire team (Matt Jarman, Molly Blechman, Clay Cooledge, Joe Ross) for all crushing quota in May! The relentless effort you put in consistently every single day to crush months end is so appreciated and couldn't be happier to be in business with you all." Joel Thomas "Big thanks to Amanda Newby for researching, compiling, and sharing so much useful information relating to taking action & voting this week. I know it's a time consuming task but it's personally been so helpful to me & I just wanted to say thank you!" Joanna Thompson Mind Edit A quick reminder about our TriNet Resources! Remember to take advantage of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which provides resources to help resolve personal problems that may be affecting your health, well being, family life or job performance. The EAP can be called 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide assistance to you and your family members for a wide range of concerns. You can access it here or access it via TriNet with the following steps: ->TriNet login --> BENEFIT ---> HEALTH & COUNSELING then taken to a new pop up screen ----> EAP website and then there is list of Services on the right Please contact Amanda Newby if you have any further questions!  'Bot Squad Say hello to Russell Harper in our latest 'Bot Squad "Day in the Life"! Check it out here!

Happy Birthday! Clark Whitson (June 2)

Anniversaries Chris Maiello (4 years) Andrew Carter (1 year)  Bailey Miller (1 year)  Molly Blechman (1 year) Nigel O'Rear (2 years)

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