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Just a reminder about a couple of events happening this month!. First, on Tuesday 4/20, there will be a talk featuring folks from Jane Acuff Real Estate and Highland Mortgage to provide some insight on the home buying process. Next, on Thursday 4/22, Brian Wleklinski and Anthony Tyrpin will be showing off their green thumbs and teaching about in-home plants and gardening. Check your calendars for the invites and don't miss out! And here are three other things you should know: 1. SMBs are fighting Amazon. This week, small businesses took to congress to push back against Amazon. With aim to drive more antitrust laws that impact the retail giant, looking to keep the company from undercutting the competition on its own platform. The groups, which collectively represent thousands of businesses, want federal legislation that would prevent the owner of a dominant online marketplace from selling its own products in competition with other sellers, a policy that could effectively separate Amazon’s retail product business from its online marketplace. WSJ 2. Speaking of Amazon. While SMBs are fighting for territory, Amazon is expanding its grocery business to the east coast. These high-tech stores will be coming to D.C. and other areas in northern Virginia, high-tech features and all. Amazon’s Fresh stores look like a traditional supermarket, but also feature some high-tech touches, such as smart Dash Carts that let shoppers skip the checkout line, and voice-activated Echo Show displays. However, unlike Amazon-owned Whole Foods, Fresh stores are meant to appeal to a broader array of shoppers, by offering products at lower price points than the upscale grocer, as well as traditional staples including Coca-Cola drinks and Kellogg’scereal. There’s also a dedicated store area for shoppers to pick up and return Prime packages. CNBC 3. Get your own private chef. Yhangry, a startup out of London, is bringing the fine dining experience to your own. Described as the "Uber of private chefs," Yhangry has raised $1.5M in its quest to make private chef parties a thing. “By making private chef experiences more accessible and affordable, our customers regularly tell us they are finally able to catch up with friends at home… 70% of our customers have never had a private chef before and for them, the freedom and flexibility to curate their own evening is priceless.” Yhangry now has 130 chefs on its books. Chefs have to pass a cooking trial and adhere to COVID rules. The funding will be used to double the size of the startup’s team. Yahoo Know Your Newbies Please welcome Ali Corbeth, Austin Rissanen, DJ Doss, Kelly Cashin and Thomas Prochaska ! Alli joins our Customer Success team, Thomas joins Campaign Services, Austin & DJ join our Sales Team, and Kelly joins our Product Team! Welcome, all!

Fun Facts! Alli - "I've taken 8 solo trips across the US over the past couple of years. My favorite places I've been in the US so far are Seattle or San Francisco."

Austin - "I did not leave the state of GA till I was 15!" DJ - "I'm a big fan of most of the nerdy series out there (Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings)" Kelly - "I had 21,296 song-listens in 2020- I'm ready for live music to come back! :)" Thomas - "I have been the referee for the National Trampoline Dodgeball Tournament at Sky Zone"

Mind Edit Interested in getting the COVID vaccination and need help finding an appointment? Check out this great site which simplifies the search process:! Anniversaries Mike Hayes (2 years) Michael McBrayer (2 years)

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