First Skinny of 2020

Good afternoon everyone! Here's your first, hefty Springbot Skinny of 2020! A reminder that our first quarterly meeting is next week, Wednesday the 15th, at Magnolia Hall in Piedmont Park and kicks off at 11:30 AM! And here are three more important things you should know. 1. Brick-and-mortar isn't going anywhere. If New Jersey's big American Dream experiment is any indication, in-store experiences are still very much valued by consumers, for a whole array of reasons. For example, a survey of 2,000 shoppers found that "74% of consumers research products online, then purchase in-store ... and 57% of consumers research in-store before buying online." Retail Brew 2. Your dreams of becoming a farmer can be realized. In your apartment. A South Korean startup called n.thing, which specializes in gardening and agriculture, is looking to disrupt the farming industry by providing ways for ag to be done in the city. "The startup n.thing unveiled Planty Cube, an indoor vertical farming system that enables future farmers (at hotels, schools, retailers, and restaurants) to grow veggies year-round." The Hustle 3. New Year, New Food. It's time to get outside your comfort zone of buttered noodles and cheese quesadillas, and try some new restaurants. Check out Eater's January guide to the 16 hottest restaurants in Atlanta here, and start exploring new places.

Know Your Newbies

Stephen is multi instrumental! (Guitar, bass, drums, and Mandolin) Dominique enjoys hula-hooping in her free time! Alex has more than 10 tattoos. "I have tattoos on both arms, both of my sides, and all over my back" Springbot Shoutouts "Shout out to Jarrett Board, Erika Brooks and Cody McGuire for their months of research, analysis, and hard work on 2020 Pricing and a huge shout out to Manon Audibert for collaborating with all teams to get the new pricing page looking incredible! Starting the year off with a great foundation." Hannah Rozelle "Big shoutout to everyone involved in putting together the new pricing calculator together, it's already been used to help us bring on a number of new customers!" Clayton Finney "A HUGE shoutout to Sheila Gaskell who has worked so diligently to update our Springbot Knowledge Base to be more user friendly and informative. Her dedication to this project shows through in her work. If you haven't been to our Knowledge Base in a while, I highly recommend a visit here." Tara Crawshaw "Great job Amber Remm, Travis Wheeler, Joanna Thompson and Emily Farina for putting together such a great start to 2020 w/ last weeks kick off. Thank you to Jarrett Board, Lisa Ng, Hannah Rozelle and Cody McGuire for presenting and / or getting us kick off ready with the new pricing page, calculator, demo updates, one pager and more." Erika Brookes  "Shoutout to Robert Lee for his help in producing a great content series on email deliverability that we think will be a big hit with our customers and prospects!" Lisa Ng "Happy 2 year anniversary to Amanda Newby! No doubt Springbot is a better place to work thanks to your hard work and dedication to each one of our employees." Joanna Thompson New From Marketing With the start of the new year, here is a great 2020 Marketing ChecklistMeet the 'Bot Squad

The 'Bot Squad is Springbots ambassador program and was rolled out with the launch of our orientation program for new hires called BotCamp. The ‘Bot Squad is comprised of a group of Springbots who embody our four Core Values, are thrilled to call Springbot home, and have a track record for success. As a Squad member, these employees play a key role in the onboarding of new hires and influencing the culture with their unique stories, perspectives, and ideas. With that said, we are thrilled to introduce our 2020 Squad! Abby Barnett Andrew Foah Hannah Rozelle James Beaumont Manon Audibert Matt Manning Preston Palmer Rachel Parks Russell Harper Saxon Unrue Mind Edit As many of you may know, the fires in Australia are devastating the state. Nearly 18 million hectares of land has burned, killing 25 people and over 1 billion animals. We also have a few customers in Australia.  Springbot is looking at some donation initiatives so please be on the lookout for upcoming information. If you would like to help with this, please contact me! Happy Birthday! Kim West (Jan. 6) Clay Cooledge (Jan. 8) Joey Kimsey (Jan. 8)

Anniversaries James Beaumont (Jan. 8, 1 year) Tess Meyer (Jan. 8, 1 year) Amanda Newby (Jan. 9, 2 years) Cody McGuire (Jan. 10, 2 years) Manon Audibert (Jan. 10, 1 year)

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