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A big thank you to everyone who came and got their flu shots this week! And an even bigger thank you to Amanda and Joanna who made the whole process seamless! If you weren't able to make it into the office, I believe Publix is offering free vaccinations with insurance and they are giving out $10 gift cards after you get your shot! Publix

Also, here are three other things you should know:  1. Power to the ladies. Did you know this year, 2020, marks the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment which gave women the right to vote? In celebration, "the American Bar Association Commission on the Nineteenth Amendment has assembled a digital cookbook, with recipes from judges, Supreme Court Justices, lawyers, scholars and others connected to the legal field." Check out recipes from RBG, Amal Clooney, and many others! ABA 2. "12 Things to Do With a Case of Canned Tuna". Bon Appetit is really taking quarantine cooking seriously. They released their September issue titled "Lessons from Our Quarantine Kitchen" with all types of recipes to use up those cans of beans, bags of rice, and any other quick grabs we bought at the start of the lockdown. I found this article particularly useful on what to do with all those tins of tuna... Bon Appetit 3. An Open-Air Activity! Exciting news for us looking for outdoor and mask-compliant activities... Pratt Pullman is hosting an "open-air chefs market at forthcoming Pratt Pullman District in Kirkwood which coincides with a double screening of “John Lewis: Good Trouble” and a voter registration event on Saturday, September 26." That's next weekend! Restaurants participating include, 8ARM, Kamayan ATL, Octopus Bar, Vinetta, and more! Eater Atlanta

Know Your Newbies Welcome Rhiannan Berry to the Dev Team!

Fun Fact: Rhiannan does videogame development and used to be the president of Georgia Tech's game dev club, VGDev! Mind Edit We learned all about healthy nutrition in Wednesday's Wellness Lunch & Learn with Kristin Oja from STAT Wellness. Here is a great rundown list of some super healthy foods. Healthline New from Marketing October 2020 Calendar is here!! Prospects: Customers: Birthdays Miles Raphael (Sept. 17)


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