Football is Coming

A special public service announcement: this weekend marks the last weekend without football until February.

And here are three other things you should know:

1. Kroger is expanding into the dine-in market. With more and more restaurants recognizing the market for strictly delivery and curbside takeout experiences, Kroger is currently working on its "Ghost Kitchen" concept. The new off-premise restaurant kitchen, powered by Kitchen United at participating Kroger locations, will feature up to six local, regional or national restaurant brands. When placing an order using the Kitchen United website or app, or on-site via ordering kiosks, customers can select items from each on-site restaurant to create a customized order on a single receipt. Restaurant staff will prepare the orders, and delivery service fees will be determined by third-party providers. Progressive Grocer

2. Best Buy is making major investments. Last summer, companies of every size and industry pledged to do better when it came to diversity. Now, Best Buy is making good on their pledge by investing in Brown Venture Group. Last summer, in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, Best Buy committed to “do better” when it came to supporting communities of color. As part of the retail giant’s self-proclaimed mission to better address underrepresentation and technology inequities, the company announced today that it is investing up to $10 million in Brown Venture Group. Minnesota-based Brown Venture Group is a three-year-old venture capital firm that has pledged to exclusively back Black, Latino and Indigenous technology startups in “emerging technologies.” Black and Latin communities were the recipients of just 2.6% of total funding in 2020, according to Crunchbase data. TC

3. Those Crocs are gonna cost you. In the wake of rising costs in the supply chain, companies like Crocs are passing along the cost to their customers. Fashion retailers are raising prices and scaling back discounts to make up for lost sales in 2020, and to offset rising supply chain costs. According to the Department of Labor's June Consumer Price Index, apparel prices rose 4.9% in June versus the year before — the largest jump in a decade. Crocs, Michael Kors, and Ralph Lauren are among those brands that have already raised prices. The supply chain crisis is driving up the cost of transporting goods, and leading to long delays. At the same time, retailers are trying to find workers in a tight labor market, and are raising wages or offering perks to attract talent. Business Insider

Know Your Newbies

Ashlynn's first job was as the mascot of Atlanta Motor Speedway

Mind Edit Have you taken a moment to meditate this week? Take 6 minutes and follow along as Mooji walks you through this relaxing meditation. Youtube Birthdays Cody McGuire (Aug. 5) Liz Launi (Aug. 7)

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