Get Active and Eat Well

Just a reminder that the Wellness Challenge is still on! Get up, get active and log those minutes! Also a reminder that Monday is our annual Canadian Thanksgiving celebration. Make sure you RSVP as soon as you can!

And here are three other things you should know:

1. The drought is over. When was the last time the Braves went to the NLCS? 2001 - which was also the last time they won in the postseason as well - when the top performing single of the year was the absolute banger at every YoungLife gathering "Hanging by a Moment" by LifehouseNow that it has ended its series-win drought, Atlanta is hoping to march even deeper into the postseason. And our prediction model gives the Braves the second-best chance to make the World Series of any NL team … trailing only the juggernaut Los Angeles Dodgers. (Small detail!) If they do it, Atlanta will have to lean on one of the most untested rotations ever, but one that proved to be an unexpected strength against Cincinnati — and a lineup and bullpen that are sure to provide plenty of help, too. 538

2. It's official: electric vehicles are easier on your wallet. Proponents have known this for a while, but the steeper price tag on electric cars and SUVs has been a deterrent to a lot of consumers. But Musk stans have been vindicated by Consumer Reports. The savings on fuel unsurprisingly played a large role. CR determined that EV drivers spend about 60 percent less to keep their vehicles topped up, and owners whose cars have a range of 250 miles or more can handle 92 percent of their charging at home instead of public fast chargers. However, maintenance was also key — reliability reports suggested that EV owners were paying about half as much to maintain and repair their cars as people with gas vehicles. While repairs could go up (such as fresh batteries) if you buy a used EV, you still stand to reap a large chunk of the lifetime savings. Engadget

3. Don't count on younger shoppers this holiday season. Retail Brew gives a pretty good breakdown on consumer spending for this upcoming holiday season. The gist? Younger shoppers are buttoning up, and shopping online. Check out the details here.

Mind Edit Please note - this is not a paid ad :)  Looking to disconnect for a weekend? Check out these sweet little cabins in Chattahoochee with Getaway! I mean... Birthdays Jimmy Gutowski (Oct. 7) Zoey Crichlow (Oct. 10)

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