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As a reminder, Springbot will officially be closed the 2nd and 3rd of July next week for the 4th of July holiday. This also means there will be no Springbot Skinny next week. Enjoy the time off and maybe get away from the city. Also, here are three important things you should know: 1. HB 426 is on its way for signature. The Hate Crime Bill has passed here in Georgia and is currently under a legal review. After that, Governor Kemp plans to sign the new legislation into law. The Georgia legislature, spurred by public outrage over the killing of Ahmaud Arbery, on Tuesday approved a hate crime bill that will allow enhanced criminal penalties for people who target others because of their race, gender, sexual orientation or other reasons ... According to the Georgia State Senate press office, HB 426 passed by a vote of 47-6 and was immediately transmitted to the House ... State Rep. Scott Holcomb said it then passed the House for final passage by a vote of 127-38. CNN 2. Covid-19 is spiking in Georgia. And spiking among people under 30, as well - which is a group seeing fast rises in confirmed cases. The spike in cases overall and among people aged 18 to 29 in Georgia mirrors other Southern states, including in Florida, which have also begun reopening their economies. Adults under 30 now make up Georgia’s largest cohort of cases.People 18 to 29 made up about 29% of the new cases so far in June, up from 21% in May and 13% in April, the AJC analysis shows. New cases among older adults have declined, public health experts said, reflecting stepped up efforts to protect vulnerable populations. AJC 3. A second round of stimulus checks is closer to reality. This week, the president voiced to his staff his support for more stimulus checks to help bolster the economy. On Tuesday, the Washington Post reported that the President has told aides that he’s “largely supportive of sending Americans another round of stimulus checks.” No parsing of words necessary here - he reportedly supports the idea of sending another round of stimulus checks. While this is not an “official White House position,” just hearing that he’s supportive drastically improves the chances a check will be included. Forbes

Springbot Shoutouts

Make sure to check out our special #shoutouts Slack channel to see more Springbot love from this week!

"Thanks to the Employment Brand Team and all that provided a note for our 8 year anniversary card! Loved reading the messages from those that have been on the journey with us. Looking forward to pushing hard for a big 10 year celly with everyone!" Cheers, Joe & Brooks

"Shout out to the Success Advisor team on recently digging in deep to tweak and optimize our process for encouraging our customers to be even more engaged with us!" Marie Bormolini  "Shoutout to Jared Naide, who has come in and made an immediate impact on the team! Keep up the awesome work!" Ben Smith "Shoutout to Ben Greene for all of his hard work during his time at Springbot. He was an important member of the QA team and then transitioned to projects like the Smile integration, Open API and work on the demo store. He is a great example of living the journey as a team. We will miss you!" The Product Team "Thank you Manon Audibert and Rylan Benet for teaching the success team about email design! This will be a huge help in advising our customers!" Emily Farina "Big thanks to Taylor Pershing who always is there to help at the end of the month with upsell and saving contraction opportunities, while also managing several other things to help us keep our wheels turning!" Marie Bormolini "Huge shoutout to Hannah Rozelle who has been killing it on all things SMS (and all things in general, but specifically on SMS)!" Ben Smith "Major High Fives goes out to our Product and Development team for launching Universal Prospector in app with one of the smoothest roll outs - I know our team is excited to talk about and show it to our customers!" Marie Bormolini

Mind Edit

I might be very late to the game, but I recently found out that Amazon has a separate site that donates to charity every time you shop! It's called Smile Amazon and you are able to select from different charities like Equal Justice Initiative and Meals on Wheels. Make a purchase just like you would normally and then Amazon will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to the organization of your choice! Maybe something to consider the next time you shop with Amazon!

Happy Birthday!

Duncan Meredith (Jun. 25)

Amber Remm (Jun. 26)

Jonathan Ramey (Jun. 27)

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