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A big thank you to Oliver and the PROFIT team for the great presentation today on our Springbot Stock Options. Here's the login for Carta to get started. Here's a link to their knowledge base too! P.S. The Carta App is super easy to follow if that's more your style. 

Also, the Springbot Holiday Party is next Tuesday, December 10th - 6pm - at Torched Top! Excited to see everyone there!

Here are a few things you should know this week:

1. Craigslist - the App... Craigslist, which launched in 1995, is finally getting an app. "The iOS app at least follows the principles of Craigslist’s web offering, nicely replicating its clean and unpretentious functionality. You can browse listings in various categories, from jobs to items to houses; search for what you’re looking for; place your own ads; create alerts for listings; and contact sellers without ever having to sign up for an account." The Verge 2. The 2020 color of the year is..."It's a color that anticipates what's going to happen next," said Laurie Pressman, the vice president of the Pantone Color Institute, which selects the Color of the Year. "What's the future going to bring as we move into the evening hours?" Find out which color on CNN 3. For a little work break...Every day, The New York Times puts out their "Mini Crossword" and I thought I'd share it with you all. How fast can you complete it? New York Times Crossword Know Your Newbies

Elijah is neighbors with Alabama and Atlanta Falcons Wide Receiver, Julio Jones.

Sarah was a competitive dancer for 15 years.  Travis wrote for Huffington Post (Huff Post). His favorite interviews were the Green Power Ranger (Jason David Frank) & Candyman scary movie star Tony Todd. Anthony has been to 10 different countries. New from Marketing Leave the Lights on in January! While this may be a slower month for eCommerce, there are still great ways to optimize and leverage your digital marketing. Check out our latest playbook, Leave Your Decorations Up: Generate Traffic & Revenue in the New Year. Download it here. Springbot Shoutouts "Thank you to Preston Palmer for sharing his knowledge, insight, and expertise with the new BDRs!" Emily Farina "Shoutout to the entire Customer Success team (Onboarding, Success + Services) for CRUSHING our upsell goal and making it our biggest month ever in the history of Springbot - over $77K in upsell!" Amber Remm  "Shoutout to Chris Oh and Joey Kimsey for being so incredibly helpful with all of my fun little projects you've been roped into.  I may not know much about coding, but you two do, and thank goodness for that.  Couldn't do it without you." Taylor Pershing "Shoutout to Jarrett Board for slogging through the legal jargon of CCPA and helping us get organized to support our customers and prospects for the Jan. 1st deadline." Lisa Ng "Congrats to the Queue Team for getting 32 individual upsells in the month of November! Great job Rachel + Andrea + Ashley - I know 100% of your customers appreciate all the time and energy put into making their BFCM a success!" Marie Bormolini "Shoutout to Georgia Abadallah for being the upsell champion for the month of November - with just over $15K in upsell on her desk; and she's already bringing the heat in December! Thanks for your help, Georgia!" Amber Remm  "Shout out to James Beaumont & Jonathan Cohen for starting Account Executive training this month - we're all excited to be a part of your continued growth with the team." Matt Gianakos Shoutout to Hannah Rozelle and Manon Audibert for their help in revamping the Shopify Trial email drip program!" Lisa Ng "Shoutout to the Campaign Services team - they put out an INSANE amount of content for our customers for Cyber Week and completed more than 450 tickets (a 23% increase of ticket completion as compared to October.  Thank you all for your dedication to our customers during their busiest time of year - you the real MVP!" Amber Remm  Mind Edit Brought to your this week by Matt Jarman - thanks Matt! The importance of HYDRATION! The lack of water in our bodies can lead to some pretty negative side effects. Check out his post on Linkedin!  *Reminder - if you ever have an article you'd like to submit to the Mind Edit, please feel free to send to me! Happy Birthday! So many birthday twins! Georgia Abdallah (Nov. 30) Saxon Unrue (Nov. 30) Anna Somora (Dec. 2) Jonathan Cohen (Dec. 2) Rylan Bennet (Dec. 5) Ryan Riordan (Dec. 8) Tara Crawshaw (Dec. 8)

Anniversaries Jarrett Board (Dec. 1, 4 years) Joey Kimsey (Dec. 4, 3 years) That's all for this week!

I've had a great time being your interim Skinny author, but we are all VERY excited for the return of Ben Smith next week!

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