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Next week on Halloween is the annual Springbot Costume and Desk Decoration Contest. Check your inbox for Joanna Thompson's email for all the details, including prizes and what team you're on.

Also, here are three other important things you should know: 1. Avoiding single-use plastics is almost impossibleAs we're greeted to more and more depressing pictures of how plastic is ruining literally everything, the most dedicated and eco-conscience amongst us are doing everything they can to avoid single-use plastics. That, it turns out, is even harder than anyone previously thought. "[S]ingle-use plastic is everywhere: Oranges are sold in a plastic mesh bag, hummus comes in a plastic container, an egg salad sandwich is wrapped in plastic. There are plastic-wrapped gummy candies, grocery store samples in a plastic holder, and those sneaky tea bags, too. Avoiding single-use plastic beyond food-based products was also hard. My friend Shaina realized she relied on plastic bags to contain her sweaty gym clothes. I went to a media event where journalist notebooks were passed out — each one individually wrapped in plastic. One woman in a medical office noted the preponderance of single-use plastic for medical supplies." Mashable 2. The influencer gig is taking a hit. Instagram recently announced it would ban AR filters out of concern for its users mental health, but the role of influencer is hitting other hurdles as well. "Some advertisers are frustrated by misleading engagement numbers and low ROI, and luxe brands are fed up with the 'self-entitled' social elite. Meanwhile, engagement rates for influencer posts are declining as consumers grow skeptical about the credibility of social product plugs amid their saturated feeds. The icing on the heavily filtered cake? FB and Instagram’s plans to hide 'likes' delivers a huge blow to the core equity of mega-influencers." The Hustle 3. Looking for some good fall-themed Instagram photos? Eater Atlanta has you covered with their guide to visiting North Georgia. "Clayton, Georgia, located about two hours northeast of Atlanta, is a mountain town trifecta of food, drinks, and local charm. While the town makes a great stop for lunch on the way to Asheville or Highlands, North Carolina, Clayton is an even better destination for Atlantans looking for a quick weekend get-away involving minimal travel time." Check out there guide to hiking, local eats and other activities here. New from Marketing Taking notes from Rosalyn Glover, we put together the Anatomy of an Email infographic. This infographic analyzes a holiday email (one that can be easily built in our editor) top-to-bottom and provides notes and best practices for optimizing a message to really resonate with subscribers. Check it out here. Springbot Shoutouts "Shoutout to Shannon O'Shea for her two year anniversary, we're lucky to have you Shan!" Clayton Finney "Amazing job by our Marketing Team - specifically Ben Smith, Manon Audibert and Lisa Ng -  for all the amazing holiday resources and customer newsletters. Very excited to share with our customers and continue our collaboration plans!" Customer Success + Jimmy Gutowski + Marie Bormolini "Shoutout to Clay Cooledge, James Beaumont, Brittany Lazaroff and LaMia Florence who have all been featured on the Wall of Fame the most - 6 times for each of them! Keep up the great work!" Joanna Thompson "Huge shoutout to Tara Crawshaw for all the work she's been doing to help the Marketing Team with its customer outreach initiatives!" Marketing Team "Shoutout to James Beaumont and Joe Ross on the BDR Team for having a 100% demo completion percentage last week while also each driving over $1k in revenue off their desks. Impressive work, you guys!" Matt Gianakos "Shoutout to Jack Mclaughlin for being the ultimate team player! He's always joining Welcome calls, chatting with the onboarding team about setting the customer up for best success and willing to jump in and help - it's noticed and appreciated!" Amber Remm "Big thanks to Manon Audibert for the super fun Build Your Own Trail Mix idea and for Amanda Newby for helping with setup! Employment Brand Team crushing it!" Joanna Thompson Mind Edit "Mindfulness — paying attention to the present moment in an accepting, nonjudgmental way." Have you ever considered bringing this practice to the workplace? "Research has shown it is also a reliable method for reducing stress, including at work." Here's a great article by the New York Times on how you can get started being more mindful. Anniversaries Shannon O'Shea (Oct. 23, 2 years) That's all for this week! Marketing Team

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