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While everyone is busy dodging Covid, flu season is on the horizon - and nothing sounds worse than getting both coronavirus and the flu simultaneously. Lucky for everyone, you can sign up here to come into the office and get your absolutely free flu shot. Also, here are three other things you should know: 1. A first for Away. The purveyors of chique travel luggage are having their first site-wide sale ever. Sales dropped significantly for Away when the pandemic hit, leaving a drop in revenue and a lot of unsold inventory. This sale is their way of making the most out of the situation. Brendan Lewis, VP of communications and corporate affairs at Away, told Retail Brew via email the sale is meant to “inspire” shoppers who may be ready to travel again this fall. And there’s interest: Away’s online traffic has increased, Lewis said, and recent launches (pet carriers and mini travel kits) have sold out. Retail Brew 2. An unexpected casualty of Covid-19: school buses. Apparently the school-bus business is a multi-billion dollar gig, and it's taken a big hit as schools reduce their usage due to the pandemic. School-bus companies make their money through contracts, which means their income tends to be all or nothing. Even in places where in-person school is happening, some of the extra payouts that bus companies depend on -- like after-school or summer service -- have gotten the ax. The Hustle 3. More coronavirus cases for UGA. Yesterday, there was a huge increase (over 50%) of Covid-19 cases reported at UGA. Georgia’s flagship university reported 1,417 positive cases between Aug. 31 and Sept. 4, according to a weekly update posted on its website. The university last week reported 821 positive cases from Aug. 24-28, which had been its highest five-day total since the pandemic began in March. AJC

Know Your Newbies Welcome Nithin Nair to the Customer Success team!

Fun Fact: Nithin lived in India for 5 years! Meet your New 'Bot Squad Members The ‘Bot Squad is a group of Springbots, nominated by their managers, who embody our four Core Values, are thrilled to call Springbot home (12+ months tenure), and have a track record for success. As a Squad member, these employees will play a key role in the onboarding of all new hires, to educate them on what it takes to be a successful Springbot. Welcome, Anna Somora, Andrea Gonzalez, Bailey Miller, Nick Hardy!

Current 'Bot Squad members are: Abby Barnett, Saxon Unrue, Matt Manning, Russell Harper, Preston Palmer, Hannah Rozelle, and Manon Audibert. Mind Edit Gearing up for Physical Wellness next week, I wanted to share some virtual workouts classes Outdoor Voices (trendy and fun workout fashion brand) is hosting! Offering everything from HIIT to yoga to pilates! Check out the schedule here! New from Marketing Check out our newest Holiday 2020 Marketing Guide, including 2 interactive calendars!! Prospects (these are split into 2) Interactive Calendars -  Holiday Marketing Guide - Customers (all in one) Birthdays Price Donaldson (Sept. 8) Ryan Hendrix (Sept. 9)


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