Go Outside (safely) and Support Local Businesses (safely)

With the new WFH schedule extended to April 7, please remember to get outside and enjoy the weather while you can. Support your local restaurants, shops and breweries when you can, and turn off the news every once in a while.And here are three important things you should know:

1. We're hitting a yeast shortage. In grocery stores at least. Since everyone is spending all their time inside, stores can't keep yeast on the shelves quick enough as everyone is in a rush to bake a loaf of sourdough bread and throw it up on their IG. "Sourdough fever is not entirely a phenomenon of the social-distancing era. In the Before Time, -- you know, on February 25 -- CNBC hailed the "comeback" of sourdough, which had seen an 11% sales jump in the past 4 years. Although groceries are running out of yeast and other baking staples, Big Flour -- AKA the North American Millers' Association -- would like to reassure you that there's no grain crisis. Empty shelves are a byproduct of slow supply chains, not shortages." The Hustle

2. Also on the ride: drone videos. The drone users among us are spending their spare time flying their drones through cities while they're locked down. The results are kind of cool and a little spooky. "It's like something out of a disaster film: deserted streets, empty sidewalks, boarded-up storefronts. But unlike all the zombie and alien-invasion movies that preceded them, the real photos and videos showing quarantined cities from around the world suggest the possibility of a hopeful future. Humanity is self-isolating, social distancing, and, yes, quarantining in an effort to beat back the coronavirus. " Mashable

3. Today is Opening Day! Or it would be if sports still existed. Throw on your Braves gear and take a minute to remember the good old days of 2019 when we took our overload of sports watching for granted.

Springbot Shoutouts "Thanks to the Employment Brand Team for thinking of parents during this time and helping us keep the kids entertained!" Ben Smith Shoutout to the Sales & Success teams who continue to PUSH THROUGH! I appreciate your hard work and am thankful to work alongside ya'll!!" Amanda Newby "Awesome work from Manon Audibert on the Coronavirus templates! Way to pivot on a dime and respond with amazing looking messages our customers can start using immediately!" Ben Smith "HUGE thank you to Russell Harper for helping sales be empathetic with prospects while still scheduling demos and closing deals!" Emily Farina "Here's one big communal shoutout to everyone on Clayton's team for coming together & really supporting each other with valuable advice, emotional support, & open communication on what aspects of WFH has been going well & what to avoid. Let's keep winning!" Michael Mcbrayer, Bailey Miller, Tess Myers, Taylor Lupton, Laura Bishop, Shannon O'Shea, Jack McLaughlin, Clayton Finney, Johnathan Cohen "Shoutout to Lisa Ng for all her hard work in setting up and sending out our Coronavirus response messaging to customers!" Ben Smith "Shout out to the Atlas Team (Matt Manning, Hat Matt, Ryan Riordan and Evan Jacobs) for all of their hard work on the Automations Migration Project. Great job team." The Product Team "Thank you Jarrett Board (+ the whole product and dev team) for showing sales Quick Launch and in app updates!" Emily Farina "Thank you to Joanna Thompson for all the awesome work she's been doing keeping the company connected, and the fun ideas she's generated weekly to make us all a little less stir crazy." Ben Smith "Shoutout to Jared Meline for taking the lead on managing Nextiva while we work from home." Jimmy Gutowski "Thanks, Brooks Robinson for attending the PROFIT standup & sharing updates!" Amanda Newby "A big shoutout to Joanna Thompson for executing the first Virtual Trivia Night for our bots! Thanks for all your amazing work and keeping our community together :)!" The Marketing Team "Shoutout to Ben Smith and Manon Audibert for shifting gears with the April playbook and absolutely crushing it! This playbook is going to really resonate with our customers - these templates may end up being our most used templates yet!" Tara Crawshaw "Major shout out to Emily Farina for compiling sales metrics nightly and keeping up with raffle tickets! Such a huge help!" Joanna Thompson Thank you Hannah Rozelle, Manon Audibert and Jonathan Ramey for keeping the demo environment up to date with our latest feature enhancements and beautiful email templates!" Emily Farina "Shoutout to Jared Meline, Georgia Abdallah, Dorinda Mensah, and Ryan Stagner for taking calls and emails from my customers while I was out this week. That was a HUGE help and gave me the opportunity to take a little time off. You guys are the best!" Nick Hardy Shoutout to everyone who adds their pet pictures to RollCall- keep them coming- love seeing your coworkers!" Amanda Newby Shoutout to Matt Osterbur, Andrew Foah, Andrea Gonzalez, Rosalynn Glover, LaMia Florence & Hunter Geurink for absolutely CRUSHING it while I was out of the office." Jimmy Gutowski "Thank you to my co-members of Employment Brand Team- Emily Farina, Erika Brookes, Manon Audibert & Joanna Thompson for all the work behind the senses to help everyone feel connected & recognized!" Amanda Newby Isolation Station A small reminder to send any ideas you might have for #rollcall channel (whether it be a theme for hangouts, a virtual event or topic for Springbot Favorites) to @Joanna Thompson or @Amanda Newby !  Thank you Joanna Thompson for sending over this great resource from Brit + Co.! They are offering up some really cool virtual classes, like this Free Cake Decorating Class! Mind Edit Hope everyone is doing well and managing their work/life balance during these unique times. I came across this hefty google doc that was created by the team at Justworks for "Remote Life Resources". Check it out! 'Bot Squad Hello from your 'Bot Squad! As we settle into our #WFH environments, we wanted to introduce ourselves individually and show you a little "Day in the Life" from each of us. Check the attachment below to see what a typical day for Saxon Unrue looks like! Also - A big CONGRATULATIONS on your 7 YEAR Anniversary Saxon!!  Birthdays Nick Hardy (Mar. 23) Hunter Geurinck (Mar. 25)


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