Good morning, Zeta!

Hope everyone is safe and doing well after the rather intense early morning we had! 

Also a last minute reminder about our annual Springbot Costume Contest tomorrow! Here are the prizes:

  • Best/Favorite costume (individual) - $50 Visa Gift Card

  • Best “couples” costume - Each person gets 1 $25 Gift Card (couple defined as 2 people)

  • Best Team Costume - budget toward a Virtual Team Event of your choice

And here are three other things you should know:

1. The COVID take on haunted houses. Looking for something unique this coming Halloween night? What about a haunted drive through car wash? In Birmingham, AL, the Patel's car wash has strobe lights, signs, and creepy clowns and characters walking around and in between cars waiting to go through the tunnel. There is Pennywise, the clown from Stephen King's book and movie It, Jason from Friday the 13th, and, of course Michael Myers, from the movie Halloween. Not to mention someone in a bunny head wielding a chainsaw. NPR

2. New restaurants for Fall. Sadly the COVID pandemic has halted so much in the food industry, but with some cautious optimism, check out some of these new restaurants set to open in Atlanta this fall. Eater

3. Shopify + TikTok. TikTok announced this week that it will be partnering with Shopify to bring shoppable video content to its users. Phase 1: Shopify’s one million+ U.S. merchants can now create shoppable ads through a TikTok for Business integration with their stores. Phase 2: TikTok and Shopify said they’ll continue to develop in-app purchasing tools and experiences, potentially for #notspon organic content. More to come... Retail Brew

Meet Your Newbies Welcome Surjania Awer and Cameron Blake to our Sales team!

Fun Facts -  Surjania played violin in elementary school. Cameron loves art and design. He currently has 40 different pieces of painted or graphically designed works hanging around his house. He's also been commissioned to do some work himself, from canvas art and signage to engagement and wedding invitations. Competition Update SPOOKTACULARR UPDATE!!! 

Championship Team Octacula (26.9) v. Sons of Witches (72.3)

Consolation Don't Ghost Me (45) v. BOB & The Salespeople (113.4) Team Tiger King (41.9) v. There's Some Ghosts in this House (18)

Mind Edit

Check out these quarantine soundscapes recorded by readers of the New York Times. "Listen to geese fly, a dog’s welcome whine and a Mr. Softee truck slowly making its way down the block in a collection of sounds from At Home readers." New York Times Birthdays

Laura Bishop (Oct. 28) Rosalynn Glover (Nov. 1)

Anniversaries LaMia Florence (2 years) Georgia Abdallah (2 years)

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