Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

Today is Employee Appreciation Day and the EBT has planned a fun event starting at 4 PM! Check your calendar for the invite and RSVP. Speaking of RSVPs: This coming Tuesday features a virtual yoga session at 12:15 PM with instructor Jenny Holding. Whether you're starting out or an accomplished yogi, this session is fit for all skill levels. And here are three other things you should know: 1. The Home Shopping Network But Not is coming. A new social media platform will be looking to make waves in the coming months. WhatNot will allow users to livestream shopping experiences, aimed at bringing people together in shared shopping and collectible interests. Imagine if Instagram, Pinterest, and eBay had a kid. Kaleidoscope of colors aside, it’d be the ultimate social ecommerce experience. Well, this baby has taken the form of WhatNot — a livestream marketplace and social network for fans of collectibles like sports cards and Funko Pop. ... As WhatNot expands into new categories, it spends time and money to launch with a passionate community from Day 1. As founder Grant LaFontaine put it: “it’s similar to Uber launching into new cities — there’s no point in having drivers if people don’t know that [Uber] is now there.” The Hustle 2. Almost getting that edit button. There have been calls for years for Twitter to have an edit function, which have been largely ignored until now (kind of). Posters ignoring the "think twice, post once" ethos are getting a Twitter out of sorts with an Undo Send function. Twitter is reportedly testing an "undo send" feature for tweets, which isn't exactly an edit button, but it's part-way there. The news comes via app researcher and tipster Jane Manchun Wong, who posted a tweet with a GIF of how the feature would work. By the looks of it, a timer comes into play once a user hits send on a tweet, and for around five to six seconds, you're able to hit 'undo' on your tweets. A Twitter spokesperson confirmed to Mashable that the feature is being tested. Mashable 3. Optimism is on the rise. 2020 wasn't the year everyone hoped for, and many in the Small Business industry have higher hopes for 2021 according to a new survey. Small business owners are optimistic about their growth prospects in 2021. This positive tone marks a stark difference to the pessimistic projections felt by small business at the start of the pandemic. The upbeat outlook was uncovered by a new survey released by are providers of cloud-based software that automates back-office financial operations for small businesses. The survey interviewed 1,000 small business owners in the US on their thoughts on business growth in 2021. It found that 75% of small businesses are planning on introducing new products and services in an effort to nurture growth. SBT

Mind Edit Don't forget about this month's Lady 'Bots Book Club celebrating Women's History Month! We will be reading Untamed by Glennon Doyle. Everyone can read at their own pace throughout March, and we will get together the first week of April for a little wine down discussion. If reading is not your thing, you can always listen on Audible or check out these podcasts where Glennon was a guest promoting her book:

  • Armchair Expert w/ Dax Sheppard

  • Unlocking Us w/Brene Brown

  • The Dissenters w/ Debra Messing & Mandana Dayani

  • Good Words w/Kirk Franklin

  • No Filter w/Mia Freedman

  • The Alisa Childers Podcast

  • Finding Mastery w/Dr. Michael Gervais

  • The Marie Forleo Podcast

  • The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

  • Busy Philipps is Doing her Best

  • And even more choices here

Birthdays Christina Roughton (Mar. 3) Joanna Thompson (Mar. 5) Brooks Robinson (Mar. 7)

Anniversaries Taylor Hendrix (2 years) Anna Somora (2 years)

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