Happy Galentine's Day!

Ladies, don't forget that there is a Galentine's Day happy hour today from 4-5pm. If you missed the invite, get in touch with some from the Employment Brand Team. And here are three other things you should know: 1. The Fascination is connecting consumers and DTCs. The DTC space is a crowded one, which is why David Wolfe and Matt Hayes founded Fascination, a platform that provides curated picks of the DTC crowd. The Fascination has partnered with 100+ purpose-driven DTC brands (e.g, Allbirds, Haus) across a number of categories including fashion, home, health, beauty, and accessories. For each brand, The Fascination provides badges, which designate what values the brands stand for (e.g., “organic”, “ethically sourced”); brand alerts: customers can subscribe to brands to receive the latest product updates and news; and editorial: The Fascination digs into the science (e.g., how a fabric is made) and soul (e.g., the brand’s story) of each brand. The Hustle 2. Spotify's has a new Work From Anywhere policy. In the list of big tech companies instituting large scale WFH policies, Spotify managed to jump in and make the biggest splash. Spotify is jumping on the remote work bandwagon in a big way with an announcement on Friday that it will let its employees choose where they’d like work, both for their preference of coming into the office or staying mostly at home and their geographic location in the world. Spotify is calling the initiative Work From Anywhere and it describes it as a “new way of collaborating that allows Spotifiers to work from wherever they do their best thinking and creating.” The Verge 3. Taylor's done it again. In the time we've all been stuck inside, Taylor Swift has recorded three albums worth the music (and probably way more). Taylor Swift has kept famously busy in pandemic times: On the heels of 2019's Lover and a 2020 Netflix documentary, she's released two albums in the past seven months alone, all while fighting a public battle for control of her past recordings. Now, she's got another announcement: She's releasing a re recorded and expanded version of her 2008 album Fearless in April, titled Fearless (Taylor's Version). NPR

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A BIG thank you to LaMia Florence and Rosalynn Glover for helping us get this together!

*Reminder! Our Virtual Shopify Meetup is next week, Thursday February 18th at 9am EST on the topic "How to Build a Cost-Effective Multichannel Marketing Strategy". Be sure to share this signup link ( and join us! A big shoutout to Georgia Abdallah for being our speaker and our Marketing Team for organizing.

Mind Edit This Sunday is Valentine's Day so I thought I'd share a "feel good" recipe from Yossy Arefi - Chocolate Lava Cake. Good for two and great for one! Recruiting Want to make $1500? Don't forget about our Employee Referral Bonus! Refer a friend to our Sales or Success teams and if they are hired & stay for 90 days, you get $1500! If you have someone to refer, please reach out to Joanna. Feel free to use this link for sharing - Birthdays Matt Cianciolo (Feb. 12)

Anniversaries Carter Fulton (1 year) Hunter Guerink (1 year) Rebecca Ruffino (2 years) Joanna Thompson (3 years)

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