Happy Springbot Thanksgiving!

Happy Springbot Thanksgiving! A big thank you to everyone who brought food in for today's holiday! Just as a reminder, our next Springbot get-together will be the Holiday Party on Tuesday December 10th, so be sure to RSVP!

Some topics this week...

1. Contacts by Warby Parker. Warby Parker has just unveiled its newest product launch...contacts! Named Scout, "customers with prescriptions can order a six-day trial of contacts for $5 before purchasing a three-month supply for $110." CNBC 2. Shop Marie Kondo. The iconic cleaning guru, Marie Kondo, is going to e-comm and launching her own line of products. "Instead of imparting further organizational wisdom or deepening her theories of domestic joy, though, she’s trying something new: selling $275 distressed-brass vases and other housewares and wellness products to fill up all that newly empty space." Anyone need a tuning fork and quartz crystal for $75? You can read more here, The Atlantic and check out the online shop here, KonMari 3. If you're an Android user, listen up. Google has confirmed a camera security threat that could affect "hundreds of millions" Android users. "What did the researchers discover? Oh, only a way for an attacker to take control of smartphone camera apps and remotely take photos, record video, spy on your conversations by recording them as you lift the phone to your ear, identify your location, and more." Forbes (Thanks Lisa for the article!) P.S. - Grammy Nominations are in!  Springbot Shoutouts "Campaign Services has crushed it again - not only getting customers their content ahead of expectations, but providing them the best advice for the busiest season! Cannot thank y'all enough!" Customer Success "Shoutout and congrats to Clay Cooldedge on closing his first deal! #firstofmany." Travis Wheeler "Congratulations to Joanna Thompson for her recent promotion and addition to her responsibilities - Now Talent & Community Manager! Excited to work alongside you more, Jo!" Matt Gianakos "Shout out to our Developer + Ops teams for not only  helping get our customers some amazing feature updates in recent weeks, but also supporting us through everything else that may have come up or questions customers have had! Keep it up!" Coaching Team "Shoutout to Preston Palmer for surpassing quota and getting to $4500 on his own desk!" Travis Wheeler "Shoutout to the Customer Success and Onboarding teams for jumping in and supporting the Campaign Services team as we deliver emails and ads for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Y'all are ensuring we knock this year's BFCM deals out of the park!" Carrie Bushman "Shoutout to Preston Palmer for being 128% to goal already!" Connor Dunaway "We couldn't have done it without you Amber Remm! Congrats to 6 years at Springbot and excited for the next years together!" Jimmy + Marie + all of Customer Success "Great job Rachel Parks for hitting 4 years - you've continued to be such an amazing representation of Springbot's Values and I am thrilled for the years to come - such an accomplishment!" Marie Bormolini "A shout out to Dante Hawkins for all his help in getting us compliance ready on the Salesforce side — and for everything he's done to make Salesforce run so smoothly for us!" Lisa Ng Mind Edit Wanted to share a quick note on Springbot's Employment Brand Team. You might have seen this name come through on a few emails and we wanted to formally introduce our team. First off, who are we? Emily Farina, Joanna Thompson, Amanda Newby, Erika Brookes and Manon Audibert make up your Employment Brand Team. What do we do? We're the team behind making Springbot a better place to work by creating initiatives for employee recognition, community events and really anything related to company culture. We are always open to new ideas and suggestions, so feel free to contact one of us!  Happy Birthday! Shannon O'Shea (Nov. 21)

That's all for this week! Marketing Team

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