Have a Restful Thanksgiving

A reminder with Thanksgiving next week: the office is closed both Thursday and Friday. We hope your time off is great, and to have safe travels wherever you're headed for the holiday. Here are three things you should know: 1. Dispensaries but give them wheels. As the landscape of legalized weed continues to evolve, it was only a matter of time before mobile dispensaries appeared on the scene. A California startup is making it easier for marijuana to reach consumers so they never have to leave their comfy couches and Taco Bell. Typically, ordering cannabis would mean choosing items from a local dispensary’s online shop, then waiting for someone to drop it off. But this can take a while, especially if the nearest dispensary isn’t close by. Bay Area startup Meadow provides POS systems specifically for cannabis retailers, processing $1B+ in sales since 2014. Its “dynamic delivery” offers the tools for faster on-demand, mobile delivery, perTechCrunch. It can: dispatch drivers; manage real-time inventory; process payments; help ensure compliance with local laws. Delivery vans can carry up to ~$3k in merchandise, per California law, or $5k if preorders are included. The Hustle 2. Your fix between episodes of Succession. For people who are hooked on the drama of uber rich families, this one's for you. It was June 4, 2014, and Bryan, then 54 years old, was incredibly stressed out. He had just left a mediation meeting in Lafayette, Louisiana, with his elder brother, Mark; his younger sister, Kelley Sobiesk; and their team of respective lawyers. Mark and Bryan had for a decade been locked in a battle over control of their family company, Knight Oil Tools, the largest privately owned oil-and-gas-equipment-rental company in the world. That might not sound like much to boast about, but the company was worth an estimated $800 million; each sibling was worth over $100 million. The meeting, at which Bryan’s inheritance was at stake, had been contentious, and he found it supremely coincidental that, after pulling him over, the sheriff’s deputy almost immediately asked to search his vehicle. Intelligencer 3. For the non-turkey crowd. If you don't get excited for Thanksgiving turkey, you're in luck. There are plenty of great alternatives you can go with that guests will love. Duck Confit. While I do enjoy turkey, duck is the superior poultry in my book. This recipe requires a bit of planning to season the duck legs one to three days ahead of time, but the result is absolutely worth it. WaPo Mind Edit While the holidays are a wonderful and celebratory time for many people, it is important to note that they can also be a big source of anxiety. Check out this article from the Mayo Clinic which may help you find your holiday happiness.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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