It's Opening Day!

The MLB is officially back today for a 60-day season, and the world feels just like it moved just a super tiny bit back toward normal. And here are three other things you should know: 1. Keep quarantining AND support black-owned restaurants. A new food delivery service called Black and Mobile launched in Atlanta, allowing you to keep socially distance yourself from others and order food from one of Atlanta's many black-owned restaurants. Philadelphia-based restaurant delivery service Black and Mobile makes its Atlanta debut this week, delivering food exclusively from Black-owned restaurants to neighborhoods around the city. Founded by 25-year-old Philadelphia native David Cabello in 2017 and launched last year, Black and Mobile aims to partner with and highlight Black-owned restaurants within the communities and cities in which it serves. Once Atlanta is up and running smoothly, Cabello and his twin brother Aaron plan to expand Black and Mobile to Los Angeles. The company’s Detroit operation launched earlier this year. Eater 2. Is Willie Nelson ahead of his time? For individuals who contract Covid-19, there might be one viable source of alleviation for their lungs: marijuana. Researchers are currently looking into how the Devil's Lettuce can combat the novel virus. This month, researchers from the University of Nebraska and the Texas Biomedical Research Institute are recommending more research into how cannabis-derived CBD might help treat dangerous lung inflammation from the novel coronavirus. The authors detailed the evidence for how cannabis’ anti-inflammatory powers may help in a peer reviewed article in this month's issue of Brain, Behavior, and Immunity. Forbes 3. The Braves are back. Tomorrow, the Braves will travel to Citi Field for their MLB opener against the Mets. Next Wednesday marks their home opener against the Rays. 25 years ago, the Braves won a World Series after some league tumult the previous year. Starting to see some parallels here. Braves Schedule

Springbot Shoutouts

"Shoutout to Hunter Geurink for passing his Facebook Blueprint Certification on Tuesday!" Jimmy Gutowski 

Thank you Abby Weatherby, Ana Wade and Anna Somora for their hard work and completion of the 2019 audit with our CPA firm, and presenting the findings to our Audit Committee for their final approval. This kind of work is above and beyond the other key things the finance team carries out for Springbot, and is greatly appreciated.  Brooks Robinson, Joe Reger, Erika Brookes, Amber Remm and Travis Wheeler

"Shout out to Emily Farina, Amanda Newby, and Marcus Vassell for all their work around the Dare to Lead: Book Club." Cody McGuire

"Shoutout to Jared Meline for all his efforts in working to refine the Klaviyo migration process." CS Leaders  "Congratulations Hunter Geurink on excelling the Facebook Blueprint test and receiving your certification as a Facebook Media Buying Professional." The Campaign Services Team "Huge thank you to Matt Osterbur and Amber Remm for pushing through our newest case study!" Ben Smith "Big shout out to Joanna Thompson, no matter the topic or meeting, you can always count on her to drive conversation and increase participation with her great attitude!" Cody McGuire

"Shoutout to Bailey Miller for being at 80% of quota and Jonathan Cohen for being at 73% of quota with over a week left of selling days, these two are easily going to surpass quota!" Clayton Finney

Thanks to Sarah Scott for all her hard work this week! You did a great job at communicating clear expectations with everyone and we appreciate all you do. Keep it up!" The Campaign Services Team

"Shout out to Lisa Ng. Welcome back, we missed you!" Cody McGuire + everyone

"Shoutout to all of the BDR's and Matt Gianakos for being such a massive contributor this month and always, we appreciate all of the hard work you all put in." Clayton Finney

Know Your Newbies

Welcome Bryson Holloman!

Fun Fact - The reason Bryson got into the Ad/Marketing field is because he loves music production, and in his free time enjoys creating beats with friends!

New from Marketing We have 2 exciting new pieces of content this week. Please see below case study for customer Meat Church and a new guide to SMS Marketing! Meat Church CS for customers: Meat Church CS for prospects: SMS Guide for customers: SMS Guide for prospects:

Mind Edit

As we continue to grow and learn, we want to share resources for your development regarding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Here is an inspiring Ted Talk featuring Ibram X. Kendi (author of How to Be an Antiracist and Stamped) discussing the difference between being an "antiracist" and "not racist". Thank you Marcus Vassell for sharing! Watch here.

Happy Birthday!

LaMia Florence (Jul. 21)

Lee Roberts (Jul. 22)

Elijah Deer (Jul. 24)

Amanda Newby (Jul. 25)


Clayton Finney (5 years)

Andrea Gonzalez (1 year)

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