It's Time For Your Flu Shot

In case you missed Joanna's TED Talk in general, the weather's changing and now everyone is getting sick. Please be mindful of how you're feeling and if you have symptoms of a cold or the flu please stay home. If you haven't gotten your flu shot, go do that yesterday. Plenty of places offer them for free without an appointment - most likely even where you get your groceries from.

Also, here are three other important things you should know: 1. Need a little extra cash that doesn't involve driving people around? Maybe look into mass producing insects to sell. "According to a new VICE report, bulk bug businesspeople sell boxes of up to 10k mealworms and other bugs as a side hustle -- sometimes making thousands of dollars a month. At scale, insect margins can be huge: One bug businessman reports he makes $900/month on just a $50 investment." The Hustle 2. Venmo is getting in the credit card business. Coming in 2020, the cash-sending app will join Apple in offering credit cards to consumers. "The card should be ready in the second half of 2020, and users will be able to apply for, use and manage it through the Venmo app. Cardholders will get real-time, granular alerts and be able to easily split and share purchases." Engadget 3. How do you get over nine years of isolation with your family? You find your nearest bar and hammer five beers as quick as you can. That's what one 25-year-old did when he escaped being locked up with his family in the Netherlands. "The 25-year-old was one of six family members who had been locked inside a secret room in a farmhouse near the village of Ruinerwold, in the northern Netherlands. Prosecutors said the 58-year-old man who paid the rent on the property will appear in court on Thursday on charges of unlawful detention and harming others’ health." Significant Digits New from Marketing Our latest playbook has arrived. The Big Five Weekend is approaching and it's time to get prospects and customers ready. The new playbook covers best practices, design inspiration and copy suggestions for Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Sunday Sales and Cyber Monday. Get the customer version here and the prospect version here. Springbot Shoutouts "Congratulations to Ryan Stagner for taking on 23 customers in his first two months like a boss! That's a serious accomplishment and huge help to everyone on the Onboarding Team. Keep up the good work Ryan!" Jared Meline "Thank you Cody McGuire, Joanna Thompson, Manon Audibert and Anna Somora for helping put together the Candian Day Kit-Kats and facts!" Amanda Newby "Big thanks to the Employment Brand Team (Amanda Newby, Emily Farina, Manon Audibert and Erika Brookes) for continuing to come up with great themes and surprises for our teams - including 'All Canada Everything' this past Monday." Joanna Thompson "Congrats and a big shoutout to Matt Jarman on not only being at 120% of quota at mid-month, but for also sharing his trade secrets with the team to elevate those around him.. A true Team Lead!! Well done sir!" Travis Wheeler "Thank you Joanna Thompson for making Canadian Thanksgiving so special!" Amanda Newby "Shout out to Joanna Thompson and Hannah Rozelle for doing some quick cleaning work to help prevent the cold and flu from spreading around." Ben Smith "Shoutout to Joel Thomas on captaining his team helping them get ahead of their number and trending towards a strong month-end finish!" Travis Wheeler "Thanks Cody McGuire for collaborating with me on some People Opps things - offering your data and your opinion is much appreciated!" Amanda Newby

"Shoutout to Anna Somora and Amanda Newby for helping to set up  and break down Canadian Thanksgiving, and Abby Weatherby for also helping with clean up - it truly takes a village!" Joanna Thompson "Shoutout to Mike Hayes, Michael 'McSlayer' McBrayer, Joe Ross and Clay Cooledge on scheduling over 20 demos through the mid-month mark." Travis Wheeler "Happy Boss's Day (Oct 16) to Abby Weatherby and Oliver Bell - appreciate everything they do for team PROFIT and Springbot as a whole!" Amanda Newby "Shoutout to Molly Blechman on getting her first deal in the AE role! Great job, Molly! Lots more to come!" Travis Wheeler Mind Edit So we know walking for 5 minutes during the workday can do wonders for our overall well-being. But, what if we want to take "office workouts" to another level? Check out these quick workout exercises from the Washington Post you can do at your desk. The graphics might be the best part. Let's see some "Raising the Roof" and "The Hulk" moves: A Workout at Work? Happy Birthday! Sheila Gaskell (Oct. 14)

Anniversaries Jared Meline (Oct. 18, 2 years) That's all for this week! Marketing Team

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