Kick Back and Have Some Wine Tonight

Tonight, Emily Farina is hosting the Social Wellness Wine Tasting at 5:15. Grab a bottle, learn some fun facts and the proper way to "taste" wine! And here are three other things you should know: 1. The new streak? With their win on Tuesday against the Marlins, the Atlanta Braves won their third straight NL East title, officially starting a new streak for winning their division and putting them in the MLB record books for the most division titles (20) won in league history. 2. All Amazon everything. Today is Amazon's event where it announces everything they have coming out in the near future. A comprehensive list of their announcements can be found here. 3. It's time for Netflix and chili. It's hard to believe fall is here already, and with it brings long sleeves, football, Halloween candy and a smattering of new arrivals to Netflix. Check out everything coming to the streaming platform in October here. Know Your Newbies Welcome Jordan George, Liz Launi and Nicole Money!

Fun Facts: Jordan George: "My sophomore year of college I won the national tennis championship for my division." Liz Launi: "I used to sail competitively in high school and taught lessons to kids as young as 5 years old!" Nicole Money: "I am a shopaholic and can somewhat sew and make my own items of clothes." Mind Edit National Voter Registration day was this past Tuesday! Make sure you are registered to vote before October 5th (last day for GA). Check your registration status here. New from Marketing Check out our SMS Infographic!  Prospects: Customers: Birthdays Matt Jarman (Sept. 26) Paul Dewey (Sept. 27)

Anniversaries Sean Vennett (1 year)

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