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Curious about a 401K and the best way to use it to invest in your retirement? You're in luck. This coming Tuesday is your opportunity to learn more about Springbot's 401K plan through Transamerica. The session starts at 2PM. And here are three other things you should know: 1. Delivering disruption. Delivery apps continue to disrupt the food industry in unusual and depressing ways. The latest? Five Guys - progenitors of the best cheeseburgers in the U.S. (don't @ me) - has just opened up its first ghost kitchen: a franchise solely dedicated to delivery. Encore's president, Dale Doerhoff, said in a statement shared with Insider that the company was "confident this location will be a success," citing its knowledge of the local market and its experience with delivery-only sites during the pandemic. Matt Reid, Encore's divisional vice president of operations, added that the new kitchen was "optimized for delivery with all the technology needed to keep food and labor costs down, maximize profit, and ensure high-quality delivery orders." BI 2. Etsy: knitted goods and also a black market. Apparently lurking between all those antique lamps and knitted versions of baby Yoda is some truly questionable and illicit goods. A new Insider investigation found ~800 products that fell into nearly all of the company’s banned product categories, including: Miracle cures: “Remedies” for COVID-19, erectile dysfunction, and weight loss, and magical “spells” for wealth, love, and health; Ivory and animal parts: A $4.9k tusk, a $14k taxidermic elephant head, cat skulls, and mummified goldendoodle puppies; Weaponry: Longswords, necklace-knives, brass knuckles, resin daggers, cane swords, a steel-spiked trench club, and a 4-bladed “apocalyptic ripsaw mace.” Despite bans, there were also listings for fake designer products, Confederate flags, cars, drug paraphernalia, porn, and uranium ore. The Hustle 3. Signal is looking to reveal how online ads work. The people behind messaging app Signal are doing more than just providing the safest way to message your friends, they're looking to pull away the curtain on how companies like Facebook are using your personal data. Based on this kind of minute data, Signal was able to create some super-targeted ads that were branded with the exact targeting specs that Signal used. If an ad was targeted towards K-pop fans, the ad said so. If the ad was targeted towards a single person, the ad said so. And if the ad was targeted towards London-based divorcees with degrees in art history, the ad said so. Apparently, Facebook wasn’t a fan of this sort of transparency into its system. While the company hasn’t yet responded to Gizmodo’s request for comment, Signal’s blog post says that the ad account used to run these ads was shut down before these ads could reach their target audiences. Gizmodo

Mind Edit "Research shows that the pandemic took a toll on our overall well-being and left many of us drained. Here are seven simple steps to get you thriving again." New York TImes Birthdays Jonah Reeb (May 3) Taylor Pershing (May 6)


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