Let's Feed the Frontlines!

You may remember we mentioned a couple weeks back that we're raising money to help feed healthcare professionals, and now we're excited to announce that Springbot is spearheading a partnership between Feed the Frontlines and Backed By ATL to help provide meals to workers in Metro Atlanta hospitals. Backed By ATL is looking to raise $10k, and Springbot is looking to contribute $1,000. We'll send out the page as soon as it's launched, but if you'd like to go ahead and contribute, please Venmo Joanna Thompson @joanna-thompson-1 And here are three things to brighten up your day: 1. How much is a lap around your garden worth? Or yard or coffee table for those without gardens. If your Tom Moore, then $17.3 million. The 99-year-old veteran decided to walk laps around his garden to raise money for the National Health Service in the UK, and really raked it in. "Captain Tom Moore, a 99-year-old veteran, has raised £14 million ($17.3 million) for the UK's National Health Service (NHS) by completing 100 laps around his back garden.  Ahead of his 100th birthday, the World War Two veteran decided he'd mark that rather significant milestone with a fundraiser for healthcare workers facing the coronavirus pandemic. Moore originally aimed to raise £1,000 for NHS Charities Together, the collection of charities supporting staff and volunteers caring for COVID-19 patients, by walking around his garden. Now, he's not only completed his 100th lap before his birthday, he also raised an incredible £14 million." Mashable 2. Chalk art to the rescue. To help liven up those down from social distancing for so long, one mom in Florida is using chalk art to help brighten up her neighbors' days. " Casey Drake is a former science teacher, a mother-of-two, and a sidewalk artist who has been brightening up the streets of Winter Park with humorous illustrations of Disney characters coping with social distancing. One of her drawings depicts Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz reminding people that there is 'no place like home' during the outbreaks; another sidewalk drawing features an amused Rapunzel boasting about her social distancing skills." Check out her messages here. 3. Your happy video of the day: Remember hugging? Those were pretty awesome, and here's a pretty awesome video of people giving each other hugs. Check it out so you don't forget how to give one.

Springbot Shoutouts "Shoutout to Lee Roberts for his willingness to jump in and help on any tickets that need dev work, even if he's never worked on that part of the app. His hard work ensures issues are resolved in a timely manner to keep improving the Springbot experience and keep our customers happy!" Tara Crawshaw "Shoutout to Nigel O'Real for being heads down on Adroll Prospecting testing! The product team really appreciates your hard work!" Christina Roughton  "I also want to shout Sawyer Vickers for CRUSHING it!!!! I can't begin to imagine what it's like starting at a new company and it's all virtual(training, meeting your coworkers and bosses). She's shown she is a fast learner and is killing the schedule game! I am excited to see what she does next!" Shannon O'Shea "Shoutout to Marc Gebeily for helping push new functionality into the app to help Sales close the Dominique Cosmetics deal!" Duncan Meredith "Shoutout to Abby Barnett, Olivia Todd, Rachel Parks, and Sheila Gaskell for their rapid response rate to any customer question or concern. As of Wednesday, we've already answered 120 cases which is a midweek record high. This team is exceeding our customer expectations and they are always letting us know how thankful they are to have this team to support them." Tara Crawshaw "HUGE shoutout to Georgia Abdallah, Hunter Geurink, and Amber Remm for going above and beyond to help a new customer- your hard work and dedication has already turned her into a fan! Excited to see the continued success. Keep up the good work!" Molly Blechman "Shoutout to the Product Team (Jarrett Board, Hannah Rozelle and Christina Roughton) along with Tara Crawshaw for getting the Customer Success team prepared with a lot of new features launches (Quick Launch & Branding, Automations V2, Prospecting,!). We appreciate all your support!" Amber Remm "Shout out to Taylor Pershing for always willing to help us with investigative work into some of the stranger things we see in app or in salesforce, as well as hopping on calls for potential upsell! Greatly appreciated!" CS Leaders "I wanted to shoutout Bailey Miller for really coming into her own as a saleswoman during the past couple months, she has shown a tremendous amount of growth and autonomy. I am very proud of the things Bailey has been and continues to accomplish!" Shannon O'Shea "Shoutout to Marie Bormolini who has gone above and beyond to find new ways to save our Emerging Marketer customers during this time. Our customers have been appreciative of the changes we are making to help them and excited to continue to grow with our recommended marketing strategies that specialize in their situation." Tara Crawshaw "Big shoutout to the entire Customer Success Team for all your hard work and patience during this challenging time. The collaboration and combined effort to help troubleshoot customer issues is much appreciated!" Molly Blechman Our newest feature, AdRoll Prospector, is officially in beta testing. Let's give a huge shout out to Christina Roughton, Aaron Zimlich, Chaz Ferguson, Javi Munoz, Chris Oh, Nigel O’Rear and Miles Raphael for working on this project!" Jarrett Board "Shoutout to the Atlas team (Matt Manning, Hat Matt, Ryan Riordan, and Evan Jacobs) for their work on the Automation V2 feature as well as migration plan. The attention to detail throughout the entire process has paid off and it's making this migration easy on the customer success team!" Tara Crawshaw Isolation Station Your Green Group is taking over #rollcall next week so make sure to tune in and remember, Earth Day is Wednesday April 22nd! 'Bot Squad Here's our third installment of a "Day in the Life" of one of our Bot Squad Members: Manon Audibert! Check out the attachment below.  Mind Edit An interesting read from The New York Times that might take some of the pressure off during Quarantine. "The internet wants you to believe you aren’t doing enough with all that “extra time” you have now. But staying inside and attending to basic needs is plenty." Check it out -  Stop Trying to Be Productive Happy Birthday! Hannah Rozelle (Apr. 15) Sarah Scott (Apr. 19)

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