Let's Show Some Love For Food Tomorrow

Dn't forget the Valentine's Day bakeoff tomorrow! The contest kickoffs at 12:30 and will have winners in two categories: Best Presentation and Tastiest Treat! Also, here are three important things you should know: 1. SoundCloud is going corporate, man. The streaming service that holds only the most fire remixes just received a $75 million check from Sirius XM. Sadly, this might push the platform that gave us Billie Eilish further from its grassroots music origin. "Due to difficult licensing and monetization issues, SoundCloud almost went bankrupt. In 2017, it laid off nearly 200 employees and raised emergency funding. ... SoundCloud made $127M revenue in 2018. But it's moved further from the DIY roots that made it popular, while still lagging on the mainstream/money-making front. FYI, both Twitter and Spotify tried to acquire SoundCloud — and both deals fell apart." Robinhood Snacks 2. Who needs an app? Uber is now giving providing users the option to call for a driver, which seems really counterintuitive to the whole point of the app in the first place. "If you want to call an Uber you call the number (did you memorize it yet?) from a cellphone that can get texts. A live human will pick up. You give your credit card information along with pickup and drop-off info. The support person will give an upfront price estimate. If it's your first time ever using Uber you'll have to confirm a verification code and agree to terms of service. Then you're sent text messages with all the pertinent Uber information (license plate number, driver name, ETA, and such) without ever opening the Uber app." Mashable 3. Is the dream over? For people who experienced the awesomeness of the Razr growing up, the foldable Razr is sinking at a painful cadence. "Motorala's contemporary take on the Razr has been quite publicly panned by testers. CNET, for example, wanted to see if the device could withstand 100,000 folds -- it only made it to the 27,000th fold before it started showing problems (which Motorala has subsequently defended). With foldable smartphones still far from the norm, consumers are understandably wary of making such a sizeable investment in something that's still relatively unpredictable." Engadget

Know Your Newbies

Christian was once pronounced dead for two minutes after a car accident. Carter completed the El Camino De Santiago, which is a 500 mile hike through Spain completed in 30 days in the summer of 2017. Hunter used to be famous on social media with over 350,000 followers on Instagram.

Springbot Shoutouts

Shoutout to Josh Lucio, Chris Maiello and Saxon Unrue for jumping on emails escalations after hours this week!" Jared Meline

Shoutout to Lee Roberts, he has been hammering out many of the most difficult code issues and still makes time to be a part of the team in answering any questions we have." The DevOps team

"Shoutout to Lee Roberts for crushing the Marvin queue." Mark Vickers *What's Marvin? Marvin is a rotating role in dev where an app developer is set aside to work on high priority support issues that require an app change. Normally we would have to schedule that work as part of our 1-3 week delivery cycle or sacrifice strategic projects in process. Marvin allows us to quickly work hot tickets to ensure major issues that impact the customer experience are fixed promptly.

"Thank you to Manon Audibert and James Beaumont for representing the 'Bot Squad and coming to share their Springbot story with the new hires at 'BotCamp!" Emily Farina

Shoutout to PROFIT, the best team in the biz. Thanks for everything this past year and keep on pushing!" Oliver Bell

"Shout out to team Atlas (Matt Manning, Matt Cianciolo, Ryan Riordan & Evan Jacobs) for completely redesigning the new Automations to make sure that it’s perfect." Aaron Zimlich

"BIG shoutout to Russell Harper for being at almost 80% to goal with over half the month left! Great job Russ!!!" Connor Dunaway

"Shout out to Hannah Rozelle for all her hard work on the SMS requirements and short code application. She has been doing a great job on it." Jarrett Board

Mind Edit

Consider sending a valentine to a child at St. Jude Hospital this Valentine's Day! A super sweet initiative done by St. Jude where you can pick a card with a message and send to a child at the hospital! Click this link for more info. Thank you to Christina Roughton for submitting this! *Have an idea for the mind edit? Submit them to me! Also, a little reminder: if anyone is interested in joining a "Sustainability/Green Group" please add your name to this form. I will invite you to our initial meeting at the end of the month!

Happy Birthday!

Matt Cianciolo (Feb. 12)


Rebecca Ruffino (1 year) Joanna Thompson (2 years)

That's all for this week!

Marketing Team

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