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Just a reminder that the office is closed on Monday. Have a nice, restful (long) weekend! But before you go, here are some things you should know: 1. Ida's continuing damage. The most dangerous hurricane to make landfall in Louisiana since Katrina tore up the country as it made its way to New York. Ida may have faded, but the residual damage is ongoing. Hurricane Ida reached the US Gulf Coast on Sunday as a Category 4 hurricane. For context: Category 5 is the highest. It's the most intense hurricane Louisiana has suffered since Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Ida has already led to six deaths, and left 1M+ people without power. ... Ida's impact is far-reaching. Damage to the power grid and other infrastructure has been intense — even more than Katrina's in some cases. ... It can take years to bounce back from natural disasters. A hurricane might only last a week, but the damage it causes can take years — or decades — to repair. New Orleans has still not fully recovered from Katrina, and we don’t yet know what Ida’s total toll could be. RHS 2. The new retail trend: resale. A few weeks back we mentioned Madewell's venture into reselling its used jeans, and now more companies are hopping aboard the wagon. The resale revolution is upon us—shall we count the retailers? How about just one: Last week, Urban Outfitters’ parent company announced its very own resale marketplace, Nuuly Thrift. URBN Chief Technology Officer and Nuuly President David Hayne told Retail Brew more about the move. “We’ve learned that more and more of our consumers are participating in secondhand marketplaces,” Hayne said. “An overwhelming majority of them have bought something on one of these marketplaces, either online or offline. Almost half of them have sold something.” RB 3. Free tickets to Music Midtown. If you wanted to go to MM but didn't want to spend money for the tickets, you may be in luck: organizers are giving away free two-day passes for folks who get vaccinated this Sunday at Piedmont Park. Details here.

Know Your Newbies Please welcome our newest springbots: Jill Dubé, Ayana Reddick, Liz Derr and Max McRae! Ayana and Max join our Development team, Liz joins the Product team, and Jill joins our PROFIT team!

Fun Facts - Jill - "I am a shoe freak and own over 100 pairs of shoes!" Ayana - "I used to be a "mommy vlogger". I once did a 365 youtube challenge: recording bits of our days, editing the video, and posting it to youtube - for a year." Liz - "I am a stand up comic in my free time. I perform pretty much all over the city and state." Max - "I use a 3d printer to make cosplay equipment."

Birthdays Taylor Bartlow (Sept. 2)

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