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Early voting is going on NOW until Friday, October 30. Lots of reports saying lines are long, which means election day lines will be even longer. Check out the email the Employment Brand Team sent (subject line: Save this!) and make plans to vote early.  

1. AfterPay hitting the bricks? And mortar. (Or mortars?) Anyway - AfterPay has found huge success in the eCommerce realm and is taking a bold step into the "real world" by offering its service in-store. The details: Afterpay users can now break up purchases in stores on cheap denim (Forever 21), classic denim (Levi's), and sturdy sneakers (Skechers), among other live and in-person launch partners. Shoppers will use the Afterpay app at the register to pay the first installment, then handle the others over their next few paychecks. Retailers don’t have to pay integration costs to partner with the platform. Afterpay arrives in stores as BNPL players fight for online accounts and shoppers become even more budget conscious. The benefit for retailers? BNPL programs are known to increase cart sizes and loyalty. Retail Brew

2. Facebook is swinging the ban-hammer. Recently (and 5 years too late) the social media giant has made it known that anti-semetic content, as well as anything related to QAnon is not welcome on its platform. Next up? Anti-vaxxer groups. Facebook just announced it would now ban ads meant to “discourage” people from getting vaccinated. This is a good step, as these calls are usually steeped in conspiratorial beliefs. Vaccines keep people — as well as society as a whole — safe from infectious viruses. However, the new policy only prohibits broad ads meant to discourage vaccinations as a whole. Mashable

3. The gist of Apple's iPhone announcement. In case you missed it, Apple is releasing another iPhone (this one comes with lasers), and consumers are equal parts elated and pissed. Now, don't expect free headphones or even a charger to come with the biggest iPhone screen ever (FYI, Apple measures screen sizes diagonally). The new iPhone 12 lineup [courtesy of Robinhood]:

  • Pro Max: Beats every iPhone with its big screen energy. At 6.7-in, it's larger than half an iPad. It's also the priciest of the 12s, starting at $1,099.

  • Pro (no Max): For normal-sized hands, there's the $999+ 6.1-in screen Pro.

  • Normie: The base model also has a 6.1-in screen and starts at $799.

  • Mini: This adorable $699 model has a 5.4-in screen for that back-pocket.

Know Your Newbies

Welcome Dot Townsend! Dot joins our Campaign Services Team. 

Fun Fact - Dot is a mom to 2 dogs, 1 floppy-eared bunny and many, many house plants!

Competition Update

We're halfway through the month, which means we're halfway through the SpooktaculARR Sales & Success Competition. Leading the pack are BOB and the Sales People and Sons of Witches, holding the #1 and #2 seeds respectively, but there's still plenty of time left. And special shoutout to Georgia Abdallah for her top-performing individual week 1 showing!

Mind Edit

Thanks to Amanda Newby for the submission! 

Everyone is working to be more emotionally intelligent and this post breaks down how anxiety might manifest for different people. Whether you're someone who identifies with all of even half of these- you don't have to feel alone, these are very common emotions and ways we "cope" with them. Or as a Manager and peer, you may notice someone on your team who does these things which could be a sign to reach out and check on them. 

ALSO! Check out the Springbot Wellness Resource Doc - it's chock-full of amazing articles, podcasts, videos, websites and more! 

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