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Reminder to check your calendars for the fun events we have coming up next week, including a bake-off! Also, here are three important things you should know: 1. Want to turn your car on with your watch? Apple is making it happen. In its next iOS release, Apple will include an API that will (maybe) allow you to start your car using your iPhone or Apple Watch. "[T]he first beta version of the mobile OS contains references to a "CarKey" API that will let you use your devices as keys for vehicles with NFC. Based on the internal files the publication saw, you won't even have to authenticate with Face ID -- you simply have to hold your device near the reader to work, even if it's out of battery." Engadget 2. Jeff Weiner is stepping down as LinkedIn CEO. He took the mantle in 2008, and grew LinkedIn from online job board to legitimate social media platform, seeing the company through a $26.2 billion acquisition by Microsoft. "Weiner safely guided LinkedIn through a perilous decade for social media firms. Wired Editor in Chief Nick Thompson writes Weiner’s time at LinkedIn was 'like a man whistling as he bikes safely beside the century’s craziest car crash." Morning Brew 3. The 2020 edition of NFL Bad Lip Reading has arrived. For the uninitiated, this hilarious line of videos has been around since 2013 and features intentionally poor attempts to decipher what players, coaches and officials are saying. Check it out here.

Springbot Shoutouts "Shoutout to everyone who has come out for bowling so far! It's been such a fun first 2 weeks and looking forward to the rest of the season! Remember you can always come hang out even if you're not bowling." Joanna Thompson "Shoutout to Jimmy Gutowski for digging deep into our customer analytics to ensure our transition of accounts amongst the team goes as smoothly as possible! I know our customers will appreciate the thought and effort that went into their account, ensuring we don't miss a beat with them!" Tara Crawshaw "Shoutout to each and every member of the Customer Success Team for their flexibility and willingness to jump into the new support model for 2020." Customer Success Leaders  "Shoutout to Manon Audibert for organizing a fun chicken salad taste-off between Cafe at Pharr and Chicken Salad Chick!" Ben Smith “Shoutout to Chaz Ferguson, Miles Raphael, Nigel O’Rear and Mark Vickers for all their hard work on deprecating our legacy editors and ensuring that this transition was as smooth as possible for all of our existing customers. Additional thanks to Tara Crawshaw and Customer Success for their support and patience!” Product and Marketing "Shoutout to Clark Whitson and Nick Hardy for their dedication to testing/retesting Quick Launch, a feature in BETA. With their detailed work, we hope to resolve the remaining tickets and get more customers on board!" Tara Crawshaw "Shoutout to Rebecca Ruffino - she's been working so hard during the end/beginning of the month to get all customers on board with Springbot. She has such a big impact on each team and is a true example of living the journey as a team!" Joanna Thompson New from Marketing A new blog post is up today highlighting 5 upselling strategies to bring your consumers back to your ecommerce store. Read it here!

Also, check out the newest 2020 Email Inspiration Lookbook! Download it here! Mind Edit Taking a poll here - if anyone is interested in joining a "Sustainability/Green Group" please add your name to this form. This could include new green office initiatives, events and collaborative opportunities! More details to come, just wanting to gauge interest!  Happy Birthday! Erika Brookes (Feb. 3)


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