Mask Mandates

Reversing course, Governor Kemp signed an executive order giving cities and counties the power to enact mask mandates in their communities. However, there are regulations that need to met in order to do so, and restaurants and other businesses can decide not to enforce the mandate. And here are three other important things you should know: 1. Memes are hot right now. At least Warner Music Group thinks they are enough to spend large on them. The third largest record company in the world spent around $85 million to acquire IMGN Media and with it, one of the internet's most popular meme accounts. "The deal was technically for IMGN Media, a network of popular esports, comedy, and ASMR accounts. But the biggest IMGN prize is Daquan, an Instagram account followed by Drake, The Weeknd, Justin Bieber, and 15m+ others. An anonymous high schooler started it in 2014 -- then built it into a media empire." The Hustle 2. Shipping costs are going. Peak shipping rates for FedEx are on the rise, and UPS and USPS will follow suit in anticipation for a busy winter season. "Retailers can choose between raising their product prices, raising shipping fees, or eating the costs. This could hurt small businesses the most: when mom and pop shops raise their prices, shoppers defect to Amazon. ... There’s a loophole. Store deliveries aren’t subjected to the residential fees, so retailers may want to dress up their buy online, pick up in-store experiences." Retail Brew 3. DoorDash getting their grocery carts ready. The food delivery app has slowly expanded its offerings in the face of the pandemic, and now is expanding into the grocery game. "... the company announced that it’s adding on-demand grocery delivery to its app. More than 10,000 items will be available for delivery in under an hour, and 75 million people in the US should have access to the service." Engadget Springbot Shoutouts

"A shout out to the virtual meetup team — Oliva Todd and Christina Roughton, for representing Springbot and sharing their expertise— you guys rocked it! And to Manon Audibert, Ben Smith and Jimmy Gutowski for their help behind the scenes." Lisa Ng Shoutout to Amanda Newby for covering for me last week while I was gone, and to everyone else who stepped up in my absence!!" Joanna Thompson Shout out to Abby Barnett + Amber Remm + Emily Farina for helping launch a very smooth transition to DialPad. Very excited to use all the new functionality!" Marie Bormolini  "Shout out to Lisa Ng for all of her great work with recent marketing campaigns! Engagement has been great and the influence on our pipeline has been apparent. Thank you!" Matt Gianakos Big shoutout to my guys Jack McLaughlin and Casey Marksberry for putting together an extremely impressive month! #markon" Clayton Finney

"Big thank you to Emily Farina for the DialPad implementation. Such a huge project and such an important tool for so many of our teams - thanks, Emily!" Joanna Thompson

"Shout out to Carter Fulton and Matt Gianakos for their help on a product discovery project with one of our strategic partners.  Juggling this unique opportunity along with all their daily Springbot responsibilities is a testament to their commitment and capability" Erika Brookes

"Shoutout to Jimmy Gutowski, who consistently supports his teammates in every way that he can. Thank you for being the team player that you are, Jimmy!" Jared Meline "Shout out to Emily Farina for her continued excellence in training new reps, collaborating with sales, and ongoing development of our team as a whole. You're an integral part of our team! Also appreciate all of your help in getting DialPad set up and rolled out. Couldn't have done it without you!" Matt Gianakos "Shoutout to Zoey Crichlow for scheduling an in-person demo during all of this and to Shannon O'Shea for closing them on the spot! #maskon" Clayton Finney "Shoutout to the tag-team duo of Casey Marksberry & Jack McLaughlin on driving over 6k in revenue this month and being atop the BDR/AE dashboards respectively. Excited to see what the two of you can do with 8 selling days remaining!" Travis Wheeler "Big round of applause to Olivia Todd, Sheila Gaskell, and Rylan Benet for hosting this month's Webinar for Emerging Marketers - Back to School, Back to Basics today!" Marie Bormolini "Shoutout to Jack McLaughlin & Abby Barnett for 2 YEARS at Springbot! I honestly can't imagine Springbot without y'all and am so proud to work with you both!" Joanna Thompson

Mind Edit

Sharing a 10-minute meditation for today's Mind Edit. Maybe consider trying it out at the end of your day, or if you need a few minutes to rest your eyes from the screen. 10-Minute Meditation to Ground, Breathe, Soothe


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Mark Vickers (Aug. 21) Jared Meline (Aug. 22) Sawyer Vickers (Aug. 23)


Abby Barnett (2 years) Jack McLaughlin (2 years)

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