Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving

Don't forget to RSVP to our celebration of Canadian Thanksgiving! "Please join us for lunch in the 100 Building Conference Room to celebrate this important holiday & the awesome country that gave us our fearless leader, Brooks! Lunch will be provided!"

Also, here are three other important things you should know: 1. Midtown is getting a bike lane. It's not permanent, but it's a start. In conjunction with the Midtown Alliance, 10th street will have a pop-up bike lane installed for one week, with an accommodating protective barrier. "Beginning Oct. 19, the city will install a temporary one-way bike lane westbound on 10th Street from Myrtle Street to Juniper Street in Midtown, the city announced. The two ends will connect to existing bike lanes on either end. The installation will end on Oct. 26." AJC 2. A battery invented in the '80s is why we have smartphones today. And a whole bunch of other things really. The inventors are being recognized with a Nobel Prize for their work, which has revolutionized the tech world and provided us with things like electric cars, laptops and even renewable energy. "John B. Goodenough, M. Stanley Whittingham, and Akira Yoshino were just awarded some Swedish kroner (almost $1M worth total) and the Nobel Prize in chemistry. They invented the Lithium-ion Battery — in the 1980s — and it's still used today. ... The Li-ion battery allowed electronic things to be portable — it was way lighter, more durable, and held greater energy than earlier battery options that were the size of your foot. It was also less likely to ignite and explode, which is a major plus." Robinhood Snacks 3. Facebook is raising awareness about mental health. When not being generally terrible, Facebook sometimes uses its access to a massive audience for good. This time, it's for World Mental Health Day. The social media giant is providing kits for users to add to their profiles that make having conversations about mental health a little easier to start. "There's a camera filter called 'Let’s Talk,' which users can apply when talking to friends who may be reluctant to ask for help. ... There's also a pack of stickers that say things like 'Listening Listening Listening' and 'Talk to Me.' ... For every sticker sent, Facebook will donate $1 to a select group of mental health organizations around the world, including the Trevor Project and the Crisis Text Line, for a total contribution of up to $1 million." Mashable Springbot Shoutouts "Shout out to Russell Harper for his voluntary mentorship with many on the BDR Team. His leadership and friendship are great assets to the Sales Team and Springbot." Matt Gianakos "Shoutout to Brittany Lazaroff for being featured on the Wall of Fame FOUR times already - she's currently winning the race to get that gift card!" Joanna Thompson "Shoutout to the Dev Team for two huge releases in the last week to support automation flows and other core features. Thank you!!" The Product Team "Shoutout to Tara Crawshaw for improving communication with the Dev Team and leading the charge to get some hot items across the finish line." The Customer Success Team "Shoutout to Abby Barnett and Georgia Abdallah for their recent promotions to Senior Onboarding Specialists - they've both taken on numerous projects, BETA programs, trainings and have earned every bit of these promotions! Congratulations!" Amber Remm "Shoutout to the entire Employment Brand Team - Emily Farina, Amanda Newby, Manon Audibert and Erika Brookes - for continuing to brainstorm and help execute new ideas on how to motivate our teams and keep Springbot a great place to work!" Joanna Thompson "Shoutout to Tara Crawshaw for working with Product and Dev and get tickets through sprints and released for our customers - and keeping the success team fully up to date!  She's the glue that's holding it all together, thank you, Tara!" Amber Remm Mind Edit Did you know Springbot offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)? An EAP provides resources to help resolve personal problems that may be affecting your health, well being, family life or job performance, and many of them! Check it out here - Here are the steps to get there through TriNet:

->TriNet login --> BENEFIT ---> HEALTH & COUNSELING then taken to a new pop up screen ----> EAP website and then there is list of Services on the right

(Thanks Amanda Newby for the Mind Edit suggestion! If anyone ever has any questions or suggestions for the Mind Edit, don't hesitate to reach out to Manon Audibert!) Happy Birthday! Ben Greene (Oct. 7) Jimmy Gutowski (Oct. 7)

Anniversaries Sarah Eley (Oct. 6, 5 years) Patrick Micale (Oct. 8, 1 year) Tony Rimple (Oct. 8, 1 year)

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