Netflix Has Done it Again

If you haven't watched Netflix's newest sensation, Too Hot to Handle you're truly missing out. Recommend binge watching this weekend. It's hilarious.  Also, here are three things to brighten up your rainy day: 1. Air pollution has been declining. With the majority of the world entering almost 2 months of quarantining, major cities are seeing declines in air pollution. "[A]ir pollution levels in 10 major global cities have dropped by as much as 60% during government-mandated lockdowns due to the global COVID-19 pandemic ... Cities included in the report are Delhi, London, Los Angeles, New York City, Madrid, Mumbai, Rome, São Paulo, Seoul, and Wuhan. All cities included in the report, except for Rome, experienced a reduction in air pollution levels during lockdown periods compared to the same time periods in 2019." Good News Network 2. Here's one way to repurpose all your Amazon boxes. Turn them into homes for cats. Gentry Sanders went full architect mode for her cats Floyd and Huckleberry, creating a cardboard cat house with a mid-century feel. "Floyd and Huckleberry especially love cardboard boxes. Whenever their mom gets a package, she always makes sure to give them the box it came in, and they love spending hours hanging out in them. Sanders is a graphic designer and creative by nature, and seeing how much her boys love boxes gave her an idea — she decided to use them to build a house." The Dodo 3. Let's all shop at Publix this weekend. The grocery giant is going the extra mile to help during these times by buying excess products from farmers and donating them to food banks. "The company's press release said it will purchase fresh produce and milk from farmers impacted by the COVID-19 crisis and donate the goods directly to Feeding America food banks that are in its 'operating area.' During the first week of the initiative alone, some 150,000 pounds of produce and 43,500 gallons of milk is expected to be donated, the company said." CBS News

Stork Announcement! Lisa Ng (Hsu) & Peter welcomed Landon into the world early early early this morning. He’s 7 lbs & 14 oz & beautiful! We are so happy for them.

Springbot Shoutouts "A HUGE shoutout and thank you to Matt Manning and Chris Oh for leading our first Springbot Masterclass. A great workshop! So popular - session #2 is coming soon! Stay tuned..." The Employment Brand Team "Thank you to 'Bot Squad members Andrew Foah and Preston Palmer for taking the time to share your Springbot stories with Blaire and being part of her day 1 experience!" Emily Farina "Shout out to Chris Oh & Javi Munoz for their collaborative efforts and dedication to quality work." Aaron Zimlich  "Shoutout to LaMia Florence for taking time out of her day to lead a Facebook training for members of the Campaign Services team!" Jimmy Gutowski  "Shoutout to Jimmy Gutowski for being one of the best managers ever! He's super attentive to the needs of his team, well-respected, and an overall stand up guy! We appreciate you!" Rosalynn Glover "Big thank you to Georgia Abdallah and Manon Audibert for hosting trivia this week!" Ben Smith "Shout out to Hat Matt and Matt Man for helping overcome the tyranny of Elasticsearch on the SMS project." Saxon Unrue  "Thank you Jack McLaughlin for sharing your sales wisdom with our new AEs!" Emily Farina "Shout out to Chris Oh, Nigel O'Rear and Tara Crawshaw for helping to migrate the first two customers onto Adroll prospecting!! Exciting times!!!" Christina Roughton "Shoutout to Jen Roper, Christina Roughton and Hannah Rozelle (aka QuaranTINA) for winning this week's trivia competition!" Ben Smith "Shoutout to Matt Manning & Chris Oh (and Saxon Unrue with the play by play) for leading the first Springbot Master Class on app development. Can't wait for the next one!" Jimmy Gutowski  "Shoutout to the Success Advisors for continuing to grow our customers into fans during these uncertain times. Your patience and willingness to help does not go unnoticed." Customer Success Leaders 

Know Your Newbies Welcome Blaire Holt!

Blaire went skydiving in New Zealand! 'Bot Squad Fourth up, Abby Barnett shares her "Day in the Life"! Check it out in the attachment below.  Mind Edit Reminder from your Employment Brand Team - Feed the Frontlines/Backed By ATL page is now live - big thank you to Amanda, Erika, and the Marketing Team for all of their hard work in putting this together.  The big-picture goal is for Backed by ATL to reach $10,000 to donate to Feed The Frontlines - Springbot has set a goal of helping to achieve this by collecting $1000. We are currently at $783 - amazing!! Let's reach our goal by FRIDAY if we can!! If you're interested in contributing and haven't already, please send donations to Joanna's venmo (@joanna-thompson-1) by this Friday, April 24. Happy Birthday! Michael McBrayer (Apr. 20)

Anniversaries Chaz Ferguson (4 years)

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