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For those of you who were unable to attend the quarterly or had to leave early, you can now subscribe to Springbot's SMS messaging! Just text SPRING2WIN to 43196 to join and receive updates and special Springbot announcements!! For those of you who already opted in but no longer want to receive this type of messaging, just text STOP to 43196 and you'll be unsubscribed.  And here are three things you should know: 1. Did you miss the Big Tech antitrust hearing yesterday? No worries, all the Jeff Bezos snacking and other events have been summarized for you here. 2. There are plenty of decent people in the world. And three Georgia inmates showed some of that descency recently when they aided a sheriff's deputy who fell to the ground. Upon being released, the inmates immediately called for help. “Although they were locked in their cells, they kept an eye on him as he returned to his seat at the deputy desk, where he lost consciousness and fell onto the concrete floor, splitting his head open,” the sheriff’s office said. The inmates began pounding on their door, and others did the same thing. The noise helped arouse the injured deputy. AJC 3. Tom Hanks is too charming for this planet. With MLB back (unless you're the Marlins), everyone is getting into the spirit of the game - even if they can't attend. Tom Hanks is no different, recording himself as a vendor for use at the Oakland A's home games. Actor Tom Hanks is back to working for peanuts. The two-time Academy Award winner is lending his voice to the Oakland Athletics as a vendor to help fill the empty Oakland Coliseum with the sounds of baseball during the coronavirus pandemic. The East Bay native and A's fan was a vendor for the team in the 1970s. "I got robbed twice," Hanks recalled last year to Jimmy Kimmel. "Note to self: Hide those wads of cash. Don't be walking with a wad of cash in your pocket. Then, I came across professional vendors who did not like the fact kids were there." ESPN

Springbot Shoutouts

"Shoutout to Marc Gebeily for all his incredible work during his time at Springbot! He led the charge on major parts of the application including the new editor, sign up forms and angular updates (which have greatly improved speed and performance in the app). We have really enjoyed working with you and wish you luck in your future role!" The Product Team

"Shoutout to Lisa Ng for maximizing the visibility of our latest case study and getting some solid wins out of that asset!" Ben Smith

"Shoutout to those who have already won prizes in our EOM competition - 5 schedules for Carter Fulton & Michael McBrayer, 5 completes for Mike Hayes & Sean Vennett, $1500 revenue for Matt Jarman, and $5000 upsell for Matt Osterbur! Keep up the great work, team! Can't wait to see who's next!" Joanna Thompson "Shoutout to Product and Dev for their awesome work on SMS - we're so excited about this feature and have already sold our first customer on the $99 plan!" Amber Remm

"Shout out to the Brand Content & Success Team's for their work in putting together the Meat Church success story. And thank you to Lisa Ng for putting together a solid campaign that yielded great engagement. #livingthejourneyasateam" Matt Gianakos

"Shoutout to Chris Oh for the super fast turn around on updating a customer's Google Ads feed on Monday, and to Taylor Pershing for helping me get it prioritized with Transitiv!"Nick Hardy

"Big thank you to the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Team for putting together our processing session with NOVA in a few weeks. Looking forward to this personally and for Springbot!" Joanna Thompson

"HUGE congrats goes to the Success Advisor team for getting our first 5 out of 5 star review - I know there are plenty more coming and excited to share how hard you all work for your customers!" Marie Bormolini

"Shoutout to Winston Hunter, Cody McGuire, Ben Smith, Manon Audibert, Erika Brookes and everyone else who helped out — so grateful for all the support — you've all made the transition from mat leave to coming back to work infinitely easier. I can't express what it means to be surrounded by such a great team. Thank you all so much!" Lisa Ng

"Shoutout to Marc Gebeily for all of his contributions to Springbot during his time here.  We wish him well in his future endeavors as he leaves us on Friday." Duncan Meredith

"Shout out to the Campaign Services team for continued process and content updates! Almost every week I see several items get crossed off the list leading to improved experience for the customer!" Marie Bormolini "Big shoutout to all of our PROFIT birthdays! Emily Farina, Amanda Newby, & Rebecca Ruffino celebrated theirs this month and Cody McGuire has one coming up next week! So lucky and happy to work with all of you!" Joanna Thompson

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Happy Birthday!

Andrea Gonzalez (Jul. 27)

Rebecca Ruffino (Jul. 27)

Nigel O'Rear (Jul. 28)

Abby Barnett (Aug. 1)

Stephen Simon (Aug. 2)


Ryan Riordan (1 year)

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