Pipeline Panic

2021 showed it still had some of that 2020 energy when everyone lost their minds and unnecessarily stockpiled gasoline in Kroger bags. A lot of people just learned how long that gasoline smell sticks around in their cars. In other news, Springbot Trivia returns next Thursday! Assemble your team and sign up to play here! And here are three other things you should know: 1. Colonial paid up. The cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline that sent East Coasters into a gas frenzy was ended when the company decided to pay the hackers their alleged $5 million ransom. When and how the transaction took place is unknown, but (bad news for the plastic baggers) we can expect everything to return to normal over these next few days. Last week’s assault, carried out by a criminal cybergroup known as DarkSide, forced the company to shut down approximately 5,500 miles of pipeline, leading to a disruption of nearly half of the East Coast fuel supply and causing gasoline shortages in the Southeast. Ransomware attacks involve malware that encrypts files on a device or network that results in the system becoming inoperable. Criminals behind these types of cyberattacks typically demand a ransom in exchange for the release of data. CNBC 2. The great sauce shortage. If you're like me, you might've been a bit confused by you couldn't get as much Chick-Fil-A Sauce as you normally get (for me, it's an obscene amount). Turns out 2021 keeps bringing the hits, this time with a shortage of tasty dipping sauces. The supply chain shortage just got fowl: Chick-fil-A is limiting the number of sauces it's giving out to customers because of limited stock. The chicken chain said Wednesday that industry-wide supply chain issues, which are affecting essentially every aspect of the economy, has resulted in a "shortage of select items" that Chick-fil-A serves, including sauces. In response, Chick-fil-A is only giving customers one dipping sauce cup per item ordered at many of its 2,600 US restaurants. CNN 3. Optily is entering the online ad space. A new company has entered into the small business ecomm space, looking to help online retailers optimize their ad spend. New SaaS software lets eCommerce businesses compare ad performance and reallocate budgets with a click of the mouse. Optily’s Ad Spend Optimizer pits campaigns across Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Instagram to see which one deserves more ad spend. “Figuring out which ad campaigns are performing the best is a really manual and time-consuming process for many marketers,” Brendan Hughes, Optily CEO, writes. “With Optily’s Ad Spend Optimizer, eCommerce businesses can link up their Facebook and Google ad campaigns and get instant recommendations on how best to allocate their budget. They can apply them with a single click. or automate regular recommendations to always apply them, without having to leave the platform.” SBT Know Your Newbies Everyone please welcome our new Manager of People Operations, Dominique Wallace!

Fun Fact: "I'm sort of a dare devil and enjoy doing things that frighten me."

Mind Edit Not sure who else has been following the erupting volcano in Iceland but the live feed can be pretty mesmerizing to watch...Youtube. Birthdays

Xori Johnson (May 10) Brian Wleklinski (May 13)

Anniversaries Joel Thomas (4 years)

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