Quarantine Day ??? Edition

Do days even exist anymore? Thankfully, you can keep track of the time (and stay active) by joining Springbot's 50 pushup a day challenge. The channel is called #50pushupapril. Let Joanna or Hannah know if you'd like to be added!  And here are three more things to help add a little joy to your day: 1. Looking to change things up in the kitchen? Run through your supply of mac 'n' cheese and Bagel Botes? Buzzfeed has you covered with meals you can fix with just five ingredients. Check them out here. 2. Tyler Perry is a saint. The film star looked out for senior citizen grocery shoppers in Atlanta and New Orleans by picking up their tabs on Wednesday. "Thousands of grocery shoppers during senior hours in Atlanta and New Orleans got a big surprise on Wednesday when they learned that actor and movie producer Tyler Perry had picked up their tabs at Kroger stores in Atlanta and Winn-Dixie stores in New Orleans. Perry previously gave $21,000 in tips at an Atlanta restaurant." Today Show 3. A 16-year-old has been delivering supplies to rural hospitals. Some of the most impacted, but least talked about areas of need during the outbreak are understaffed and undersupplied hospitals in rural areas. TJ Kim of Bethesda, Maryland is doing his part to change that. The teenager has been using his flying lessons to serve those areas. "The teen, who is a sophomore at Landon School in Bethesda, Maryland, was inspired to embark on his delivery missions after his classes were canceled as a result of COVID-19. Without school or lacrosse to occupy his time, he turned his focus on his flying lessons ... [T]he young man delivered his first batch of medical gowns, masks, sanitizer, and shoe covers to a 25-bed hospital in Luray on March 27th, [and] he has continued to go on weekly flights to other critical access hospitals—and the healthcare workers have greatly appreciated the support." Good News Network

Springbot Shoutouts “We are so appreciative and lucky to have Brooks Robinson, Abby Weatherby and Cody McGuire burning the midnight oil to learn about and access the SBA Cares Act. Thank you.” Amber, Erika, Joe and Travis "Shoutout to the Senior Leadership Team for showing unwavering confidence and providing us with communication and transparency through all of this." Clayton Finney "Shout to Brooks Robinson, Abby Weatherby, Cody McGuire, and everyone involved in the extensive work being done for loans & funding for the company right now. It's a lot of extra work and we're lucky to have such dedicated leaders during these crazy times." Matt Gianakos "Shoutout to Molly Blechman for consistently putting in hard work directly attributing to her getting over Quota!" Joel Thomas "Shoutout to Emily Farina for all her efforts on training and development for the Sales & Success Teams!" Customer Success Leaders  "Shout out to Rylan Benet and Tara Crawshaw helping put together an awesome process update for services with our Emerging Marketers for continued delivering on our promises focus!" Marie Bormolini  "HUGE shoutout to Josh Lucio for putting so much hard work into helping save a deal of mine closed in March. I know how much time he spent making the harvest work despite some technical issues, but we were able to resolve the problem and save the customer! Thanks Josh!" Bailey Miller "Shout out to Sawyer Vickers for leading the BDR Team in completes heading into the 9th day of the month, in only her first month with the company. Get to know the name springbots..." Matt Gianakos "Shoutout to Stuart Way for putting in the long hours and always finding a way to make them count! After hours schedules and late night deals are becoming a common occurrence for Stu. We appreciate all of the hard work Stu!" Travis Wheeler "Shoutout to Jared Meline and Taylor Pershing for assisting sales, and being Ad Superhumans!" Joel Thomas "Thank you to Abby Weatherby, Brooks Robinson, Cody McGuire + team for the work they put in for our application for the PPP" Amanda Newby "Shoutout to the entire Customer Success Team for leading with empathy and providing support for our customers during the month of March." Customer Success Leaders "Shoutout to Manon Audibert and the Marketing team on designing the April Lookbook! The sales team is excited to get it in the hands of our prospects--- great work team, it looks incredible!" Travis Wheeler "Lee Roberts has been quick to react when an alert is given and has been a strong asset to the DevOps team. I just want to thank him for all the help he continues to give and the hard work he does." Josh Lucio "Shout out to Anthony Sigismond for being BDR of the Week last week, scheduling a demo every day of the week including a same-day close for $499. Killer week, Anthony!" Matt Gianakos "A big thanks to the Product Team (Jarret Board, Hannah Rozelle, & Christina Roughton) for being patient with my extreme pickiness." Aaron Zimlich "Shoutout to Christina Roughton for coordinating and planning out the sales team training on our new integration with!" Travis Wheeler "BIG shout out to Andrea Gonzalez, Matt Osterbur, and Andrew Foah for their first full month of adding Onboarding Manager to their plate. Very excited to see this new support model get the customer the dedication and long term support they need from an Account Manager! Keep it up guys!" Marie Bormolini  "Thank you Jimmy Gutowski, Andrew Foah, Marie Bormolini, and Rylan Benet for helping put together best practices and recommendations to help sales be the expert when prospecting!" Emily Farina "BIG shoutout to the entire Sales team for always supporting, encouraging, and motivating each other - especially during these times. The collaboration and teamwork has been super helpful. Keep up the positive energy, fam!" Molly Blechman "Shout out to the Success Advisors team who have met + exceeded their Upsell goal month 2 of 2! Keep it up!" Marie Bormolini "Chris Maiello has done a fantastic job since taking up the role leading the DevOps team. His open communication and support of the team is greatly appreciated. He is always checking to make sure we are doing well not only in our work, but also with this epidemic." Josh Lucio "Shoutout to Clayton Finney for putting together new trainings to help navigate this difficult time!" Laura Bishop "Shoutout to Travis Wheeler and the entire Sales Team for pushing through in March and adapting overnight to working 100% from home." Clayton Finney  "Shout out to the Ops team for supporting the Customer Success through several product + app changes and improvements over the past several months! 10 out of 10 if we kept a score!" Marie Bormolini Special Shout! We want to send a big congratulations to Jack McLaughlin on being promoted to Team Lead!  "I am extremely impressed with the pace that you have been able to learn and grow in this role. From a guy coming out of college with no prior sales experience to a Team Lead in a little over a year and a half says a lot about you and your desire to achieve. You've not only been an awesome member of the team from a billing perspective, you also bring a great positive energy to the office and continue to add to the culture. Well done Jack! I'm excited we are all in business with you and to continue to see your progression!" Clayton Finney "Congrats to Big Jack McLaughlin on his recent promotion to Team Lead! Well deserved and excited to see him take the next step!" Travis Wheeler "Big shoutout to Jack McLaughlin for his recent promotion to Team Lead. He's the definition of a leader, always ready to jump in to help the team and always bringing the positive vibes!" Laura Bishop

New From Marketing We are happy to share our newest Spring Lookbook! It's packed with great info, examples and best practices for managing the spring season during these unusual times.  Check it out Isolation Station Need some masks? Our very own Duncan Meredith and his wife, Kristin run a beautiful online boutique called KMM Collective and are selling masks handmade by Kristin! For every mask sold they will be donating a mask to someone in need! Really great stuff to support! SHOP HERE #shopsmall #shoplocal  'Bot Squad Excited to share another "Day in the Life" of one of our Bot Squad Members: Hannah Rozelle! She's a Springbot rockstar and we are so lucky to have her. Look below for the attachment.  Mind Edit Are you really passionate about a specific craft or trade and would like to teach a class or do a tutorial to your fellow Bots? Are you an excellent cook and would want to share a recipe? Maybe you're a fitness fanatic and want to organize a virtual workout class!? The Bot Squad is now taking submissions for Springbot Virtual Workshops! Sign up here! Happy Birthday! Marcus Vassell (Apr. 8) Marc Gebeily (Apr. 12)

Anniversaries Michael Hayes (1 year) Micheal McBrayer (1 year) Rosalynn Glover (1 year)

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