Rainy Days Are Here to Stay

Good afternoon everyone!

Great news for people who love rain: there's a lot more on the way. So we got that going for us. Also, here are three important things you should know: 1. Google is optimizing its mail search. Because searching for old gmails is a terrific pain, the search giant is helping to find the message you're looking for. "Google is making it easier to find exactly the email you're looking for with search chips, a new feature that will add relevant filters to the top of your Gmail search. ... The search chips offer similar functionality to [search operators], but Google appears to be applying some of its AI smarts to make it easier for you to choose the correct filter." Mashable 2. An app developer is trying to make amends. One of the creators of Secret, the app designed to flood us with juicy and anonymous gossip, is now trying to use his skills for good. "Chrys Bader-Wechseler, one of Secret’s cofounders, now says he’s sorry about the bullying that went down on the platform (Who could have possibly seen that coming?). He’s back with a new service that wants to cure one of the most talked-about issues in our app-addled age: loneliness. ... The new app, Ikaria, borrows its name from a Greek island. It’s one of the world’s “blue zones” -- where people have been shown to live longer and healthier, thanks partly to strong bonds between buds." The Hustle 3. One good thing about this weather: it's perfect for ramen. E Ramen just opened up next to Whole Foods with some of the best noodles and broth in Atlanta. Go eat at the restaurant or order them for delivery.

Springbot Shoutouts "Congrats to Olivia Todd and Christina Roughton for winning the Valentine's Day Bake Off! Great work!" Erika Brookes "Shout out to Dominique DiNardi for having 3 deals close off her desk in one day this week!" Matt Gianakos "Shoutout to Winston Hunter for creating the #champs slack channel to provide more visibility around all of the great work being done by the sales and customer success teams!" Travis Wheeler Shout out to Josh Lucio in Dev Ops. Josh's tenacity in exploring defects in our product makes our job easier in Dev.  Team Marvin in particular is grateful for the research and troubleshooting assistance." Mark Sjurseth "Big thanks to Amanda Newby for setting up the Lunch & Learn on Benefits today!" Joanna Thompson "Thank you Josh Lucio and Paul Dewey for sharing some Install knowledge with the AEs to help customers come onboard with ease!" Emily Farina + Travis Wheeler "Big week for the product team. Congrats to Christina Roughton for getting our Zapier integration approved for launch and a big thank you to Hannah Rozelle for getting our SMS short code application submitted to the carriers." Jarrett Board “Shout out to everyone on Customer Success who has completed the Quick Launch and Brand ID course in SpringbotU!” Hannah Rozelle Props to product manager Christina Roughton for helping QA ramp up with!  She was patient and walked through a crash-course several times.  Our collaboration greatly helped in understanding what Springbot is trying to accomplish with this new integration." Mark Sjurseth "Shout out to Andrew Carter for having a $3k deal close off his desk last week - impressive find, Pres!" Matt Gianakos "Shoutout to everyone who signed up for Sustainability Group! Really excited for our meeting next week and getting going!" Manon Audibert "Congrats to Christina Roughton for winning the Valentine's Day Bake Off, finding the baby in the King Cake and getting approval for partner program for Zapier! It's really been YOUR week! Keep killing it." Your Marketing Squad "Thanks to all the ladies for joining us for Galentine's Day! It was a big hit and looking forward to more events like this in the future!" Your Employment Brand Team Shout out to Amanda Newby for her recent help collecting all our teams' feedback and the analysis and communication that followed. That was a ton of valuable feedback." Mark Sjurseth Mind Edit Check out this article submitted by Erika Brookes, reminding us to move throughout the day, not just during your workout. Read more here. Additionally, thank you Amanda Newby for organizing today's lunch & learn on benefits. One piece of the presentation I found especially insightful was Teledoc. If you have an Aetna plan, you have access to Teledoc - a mobile app where you can get access to doctors 24/7 without even having to leave your house. For anything non-emergency related, Teledoc doctors can diagnose you via video and prescribe you medication on the spot. Definitely something to check out! Happy Birthday! Matt Manning (Feb. 19) Javier Munoz (Feb. 21)

Anniversaries Jen Roper (1 year) Olivia Todd (1 year) That's all for this week! Marketing Team

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