Running Low on Wipes

Updated: May 20, 2020

According to Clorox's CEO, the company won't be able to fully stock shelves with their wipes until the summer. So, you know, stock up when you can. And here are three other things to help end your week on a good note: 1. There's a new antibody for Coronavirus. Scientists in the Netherlands have created an antibody to fight the virus - and it worked. While there's more research and confirmation required, it's a hopeful step in reducing the spread. "The experimental antibody has neutralized the virus in cell cultures. While that’s early in the drug development process -- before animal research and human trials -- the antibody may help prevent or treat Covid-19 and related diseases in the future, either alone or in a drug combination, according to a study published Monday in the journal Nature Communications." Bloomberg 2. Anonymous donors strike again. This time in Asheville, where a coalition of groups are working to feed the hungry. The donor gave the endeavor $200,000 to help, allowing the team to bring food workers back and provide 5,000 meals a week. "In addition to out-of-work industry workers, the team has sent meals to Big Ivy Community Center in Barnardsville; Trinity Place for Runaway Youth; and Homeward Bound of WNC's temporary shelter at Harrah's Cherokee Center. As for the anonymous donation that made all this possible, Pate still doesn't know who is behind it—just that they enjoyed dining at Cultura, she told the Citizen-Times." Southern Living 3. Llamas to the rescue? While an antibody was created in the Netherlands, scientists have also discovered that antibodies from llamas also neautralize Covid-19. "Winter is a 4-year-old chocolate-colored llama with spindly legs, ever-so-slightly askew ears and envy-inducing eyelashes. Some scientists hope she might be an important figure in the fight against the novel coronavirus. She is not a superpowered camelid. Winter was simply the lucky llama chosen by researchers in Belgium, where she lives, to participate in a series of virus studies involving both SARS and MERS. Finding that her antibodies staved off those infections, the scientists posited that those same antibodies could also neutralize the new virus that causes Covid-19. They were right." NY Times

Know Your Newbies

Price lived in Coto de Caza, CA from 2015-16. Casey likes to make music and songs but doesn't know how to play any instruments at all! Zoey was able to intern abroad in Barcelona for an entire summer. She interned with a wine tasting events company, visited vineyards, and assisted in the planning and operation of wine tasting events all over the city. Madison's first internship out of college was a writing job where she got paid in vegetables. Springbot Shoutouts "Shoutout to Matt Manning and Chris Oh for continuing the coding classes!" Duncan Meredith  "Shoutout to Ryan Riordan, Evan Jacobs and Matt Cianciolo on Team Atlas for being super flexible and productive during our time working from home. Their positive attitude is infectious." Matt Manning "I want to shout out our newest Springbots, who have been focused & inquisitive during training this week -- Casey Marksberry, Price Donaldson, and Zoey Crichlow in Sales - AND - Madison Eubanks on the Success Team. We are fortunate to have your talents and excited to grow with you!" Matt Gianakos "Shoutout to Stuart Way for coming into his own in the Senior AE role! Nice job Stu - keep doing it your "Way"." Matt Jarman "Shoutout to Jonthan Cohen for leading the bus in revenue for April, and already off to a big May!" Clayton Finney "Shoutout to James Beaumont for a fun margarita making class on Cinco de Mayo!" Duncan Meredith  Shoutout to the entire Emerging Marketer team - I bring on some feisty customers, and you all do a great job of making them feel at ease and welcome to our company!" Matt Jarman "Shoutout to Stephen Simon for putting together some fast revenue this month, and not letting the stress of the days get to him. Seems like everytime we talk, he's always in good spirits, and brings up everyone around him as a result." James Beaumont  "Shoutout to Amber Remm and the ENTIRE Success Team for throwing up $70k+ in upsell last month, our 2nd highest total ever! Impressive." Matt Gianakos "Shoutout to Chaz Ferguson and Team J5 for quickly turning around the Reporting changes for the AdRoll Prospecting project." Duncan Meredith "Shoutout to Emily Farina for all you do to enable our sales team but especially for the attention to detail with new hires as they're onboarded. I'm grateful to work alongside you and Springbot is lucky to have you!" Matt Gianakos "Shoutout to Christian Lewis and Anthony Sigismond for pushing each other to be better. It's always great to see their competitive sides come out on the dial and schedules front as they vie for first place. I look forward to seeing what you guys put together this month!" James Beaumont  "Shoutout to Josh Lucio, Chris Maiello, Paul Dewey - any time our team has had install or dev-related issues with our customers, you have been quick to respond and on top of it.  Thanks guys." Matt Jarman "Shoutout to LaMia Florence for her hard work on and great content for our latest case study with Talia di Napolia. Also a big thanks to Amber Remm and Rachel Parks for getting it over the finish line with an unrelenting effort to get approval from the customer. Awesome, awesome stuff all around!" Ben Smith "A big thank you to Hannah Rozelle for leading the Springbot Master Class: Bracelet Making! We all had a great time and appreciate you walking us through how to make some beautiful bracelets!" #jewelryclass

From Travis Wheeler:

"Shoutout to Ben Smith and the marketing team on getting the Talia di Napoli case study in the hands of the sales team, we'll put it to good use!"  "Shoutout to Joanna Thompson & Emily Farina for coordinating and tracking the Sales & Success April Raffle!"  "Shoutout to Hannah Rozelle for all of her prep work and reconnaissance on Shopify email and running the sales team through a competitive advantage training!!"  Shoutout to Emily Farina for taking point and assisting the sales team in launching the trial of LinkedIn Sales  Navigator!  Shoutout to Sean Vennet & Joe Ross on passing their Demo Certification with flying colors! Excited to see some $$$$$ flow in this month!  Shoutout to the Sales Team on breaking our monthly close ratio record and landing at 34% throughout the month of April!!  'Bot Squad Introducing Matt Manning with our 6th installment of our 'Bot Squad "Day in the Life!" Matt works on the Dev team and the cutie in pink pictured is his daughter, Ada! See it here!

Mind Edit Where are my Harry Potter fans? Daniel Radcliffe (and other celebrities) is reading the Harry Potter series to fans online. Sounds like each chapter will be read by a different celebrity - check out Daniel reading here: Wizarding World Happy Birthday! Andrew Carter (May. 5) Taylor Pershing (May. 6) Madison Eubanks (May. 6)

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