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Another hefty Skinny, so make sure you read all the way for some important messages and info!

For those interested in learning more about what Brooks was discussing during the 2020 Strategy rollout, you can order or download The Discipline of Market Leaders here. Also, here are three more important things you should know:

1. We're one step closer to bodily infestations of tiny robots. The good folks at Tufts and the University of Vermont channeled their inner Jurassic Park and created Xenobots using frog cells and robots. "The millimeter-wide blobs act like living, self-healing robots. They can walk, swim and work cooperatively. Refined, they could be used inside the human body to reprogram tumors, deliver drugs or scrape plaque out of arteries." Engadget 2. Google and Oracle are going to the Supreme Court. Oracle attempted to sue Google to the tune of $8.8 billion for allegedly stealing their code and using it in early versions of the Android. Google countered that Oracle's API was publicly available and not copyrighted. Now the highest court in the country is going to rule on it. "The conflict is not just about a snippet of code -- it’s about 2 different visions for the future of the internet. Team Google wants public code to be open source and available to everyone. Team Oracle wants public interfaces to be protected by copyright." The Hustle 3. Don't forget to donate! You have until Jan. 22 to make a donation (it can be any amount) that will go to the WWF of Australia. Springbot is matching our total contribution up to $1,000, so donate today and help us reach that goal! You can Venmo your donation to Anna Somora at @AnnaSomora.

Springbot Shoutouts

"A big thank you to everyone who donated to our Australia WWF fund! We really really appreciate it and it's great to see us all come together as a team! Right now we have raised $745. AMAZING STUFF!" Manon Audibert "We are in the Zapier App store!!! A big thank you to Christina Roughton, Ben Greene and Jonathon Ramey for all of their work to build this our and navigate the approval process. Great work team!!!" Jarrett Board

"Shoutout to Andrew Foah for leading a Prospecting Training for the sales team, Collaboration at its finest!" CS Leaders 

"Thank you to Joanna, Rebecca, Aaron, Josh, Cody, Anna, and Oliver who all helped with the 2020 Kickoff setup and/or breakdown!!" Amanda Newby

"Thank you to Jimmy Gutowski and Andrew Foah for taking time to share AdRoll Prospecting knowledge with Sales!" Emily Farina

"This one goes out to Carrie Bushman. She’s been such an insanely incredible asset and leader for our team. Always generous with her time and expertise. Always coaching us to become better strategists. Always down to jump in and help where she can. A coach. A leader. A friend. A SUPERWOMAN. We love you, Care-Bear! THANK YOU!" Campaign Services Squad

"Shoutout to Matt Osterbur and Georgia Abdallah for leading the charge on the migration from Salesforce Classic to Lightning for the Customer Success Team" CS Leaders

"Shout out to Preston Palmer for being 85% to goal with 12 selling days left!" Connor Dunaway

Shout out to Molly Blechman for getting two call to demos in back to back days and running them from her desk! #wedontneeddemorooms" Joel Thomas 

"Big thank you to Amanda Newby for handling all planning and coordination of the 2020 Kickoff! While I was adjusting to my new responsibilities in Q4 Amanda offered to take some things off my plate and it was a huge help! Awesome job #livingthejourneyasateam and leading by example!" Joanna Thompson "A big thank you to Anna Somora for collecting all the Australia donations for us!" Manon Audibert

"Shout out to Jimmy Gutowski and Andrew Foah for coming over and giving the sales team some more insightful knowledge around Adroll Prospecting!" Joel Thomas

New from Campaign Services Our campaign service team produced some pretty amazing stuff this year and we wanted to show off some of the best designs and get your vote!Please us the following link to submit your top favorite email campaigns of 2019! We also wanted to spotlight some top performing campaigns:

Email Campaign With the Most Revenue in 2019

Store: Meat Church (9,527) Subject: New Seasoning to take the Perfect Turkey to the Next Level! Preheader: Shop Voodoo Now! Revenue: $20,679.18See it here!

Email Campaign With Most Engagement Store: Country Clothesline (11,726) Subject: Thank you for signing up! Pre header: Enjoy 10% off your next order Delivered: 99% Open Rate: 63% Clicks: 25%See it here! Built by Sarah Scott

*Thanks to Rylan Benèt for getting all of this together! New from Marketing Check out our latest One-Pager on Adroll Online Ad Services! 

Mind Edit If anyone's New Year resolution was to get more active, here's a great offer from Commune for a FREE all-levels yoga workshop that starts January 20th. It's 5, 30 minute classes that focuses on strengthening your core. I'll be doing it, so let me know if you sign up! Also Commune is a great resource that offers a variety of wellness classes, mental and physical - check their stuff out!

Happy Birthday! Evan Jacobs (Jan. 13)

Lisa Ng (Jan. 16) Jack McLaughlin (Jan. 19)

Anniversaries Sheila Gaskell (Jan. 14, 1 year) Rusell Harper (Jan. 8, 3 years)

That's all for this week!

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