September is Hunger Action Month

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

You may have noticed a box in the Community Room for food collection. Everyone should be putting something into that; "something" being:


Canned goods (veggies, fruit, meat)


Peanut butter

You have until next Wednesday to drop an item or multiple items in there. All donations go to the Atlanta Community Food Bank, and you walk away with a healthier conscience knowing you're helping those in need.

And here are three other important things you should know: 1. Taco Tuesdays are safe (for now). But you probably didn't know they were in danger. NBA superstar LeBron James tried to trademark the phrase since he likes to record himself screaming it every Tuesday. His request was denied. "James began sharing videos of his family's taco nights on his Instagram account during the offseason. The videos became something of a social media sensation, with James making special 'It's Taco Tuesday' T-shirts and new Lakers forward Anthony Davis even making a special guest appearance. James had sought to monetize the videos by filing to trademark "Taco Tuesday" in August." ESPN 2. Vaping is on the hot seat. First the news cycle is loaded with vape-related illnesses and death, resulting in the U.S. beginning talks to regulate the industry. Now India has come out and banned e-cigs outright. "Yesterday, India’s government announced an immediate, full-stop prohibition of e-cigarettes, citing public health concerns for today’s youth. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said in a statement that the ban covers all aspects of the market: production, manufacturing, import, export, transport, sale, distribution, storage, and advertising." The Hustle 3. There's a new site for ending debates. If you've ever been deadlocked with a friend or significant other in an argument, the internet has come to rescue you. "Let's Settle This plays host, judge, and jury to your argument on the online stage. The free site allows you to write a post describing your situation, where you can detail exactly what's going on. Below, site users can vote for who they think is right. The site then calculates a percentage based on peoples' votes, and boom! Argument solved. Right? After voting, you're presented with a new argument, which seems like it can easily lead to hours of playing jury." Mashable New From Marketing Tomorrow is Bar Cart! We'll be doing a summer sendoff with Moscow Mules. To get yours, we'll be sending out a quiz tomorrow about the new Holiday Landing Page. Speaking of which, check out the new Holiday Landing Page! Included is holiday-focused collateral, a quiz on holiday marketing preparedness and a countdown that will be updated with the pertinent holidays (it's currently set for Black Friday and will be readjusted to the next holiday once we've reached it.) Check it out here. Springbot Shoutouts "Shoutout to Jimmy Gutowski for keeping the coaching team aware of current issues. Jimmy does a great job bringing information, feedback and ideas to and from both the dev and success sides of the house. Kudos!" Josh Lucio "Shoutout to Lisa Ng for helping Success get out some great upsell emails to all of our customers!" Tara Crawshaw "Shoutout to Laura Bishop, Bailey Miller and Taylor Lupton for all getting the monkey off their backs and closing each of their first deals!" Clayton Finney "Shoutout to Anna Somora and Amanda Newby for the Retirement Saving for Smarties lunch and learn. The content was 'rich' and provided a 'wealth' of ideas to the Smarties in attendance." Abby Weatherby "Shoutout to Laura Bishop for being the first one to donate cans of food for Hunger Action Month!" Joanna Thompson "A big thank you to Anna Somora and Amanda Newby for putting together an informative retirement savings talk." Lisa Ng "Shoutout to Josh Lucio for doing a deep dive on our Reporting Anomalies and putting together a remediation path." Duncan Meredith "Shoutout to Ben Smith and Lisa Ng for all their help with the upsell newsletters this month. That was a HUGE help for the entire team." Customer Success Team "Big thanks to Amanda Newby and Anna Somora for a fun and informational 401k lunch and learn!" Joanna Thompson "Shoutout to Emily Farina for organizing an engaging training on emotional intelligence!" Lisa Ng "Shoutout to Sheila Gaskell for knocking out all of our Knowledge Base articles for our newest feature - Automation Flows. These will serve as a great resource to our customers!" Tara Crawshaw "Thanks, Anna Somora for putting together the retirement presentation and to Connor Dunaway for starting the conversation and encouraging 401K signups!" Amanda Newby Happy Birthday! Miles Raphael (Sept. 17)


Gibson Achurch (Sept. 17, 1 year) Rylan Bennet (Sept. 19, 1 year)

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