September Wellness Month!

Big thank you to the Employment Brand Team for organizing September Wellness Month. Please make sure you check out the wellness activities the team has set up for the entire month and RSVP to the ones that interest you. Additionally, whether you go for a run, take your dog on a walk or just take a moment to stretch, log those minutes here to help Springbot hit 60,000 active minutes this month! And here are three other things you should know: 1. The next evolution of Amazon's Whole Foods is here. The pandemic has catapulted the value of e-grocery services, and now the Bezos machine is flexing his assets to take it one step further. The first ever all-online Whole Foods just launched, making it the first grocery store that actually exists, but you can't go in to. Just one day after Walmart unveiled its Amazon Prime competitor Walmart+, Amazon is one-upping its grocery rival (claaaassic Bezos). On Tuesday, the Zon will open its 1st online-only Whole Foods store in Brooklyn. It's basically a Whole Foods that you're not allowed in (no Nuts & Seeds section "browsing"). It'll only be used by Amazon employees to fulfill e-grocery orders in the area. Robinhood Snacks 2. Spotify scams are a thing. Did your favorite artist launch a surprise single recently that just absolutely sucked? Well, give them the benefit of the doubt - it may not be their song. Apparently Spotify doesn't really monitor "Latest Releases," allowing more ingenius and less well-known artists to get their music out using "featuring" tags or flatout stealing a band's name. That’s what happened to the indie band TV Girl. At the end of June, the group watched as Spotify listed an EDM song called “Grasp” as their latest release. The song wasn’t theirs. But Spotify told them that, because they don’t own the copyright to the name TV Girl, anyone can list a song by “TV Girl.”  Spotify eventually yanked it from the real TV Girl’s page -- but for 2 weeks, fans were confused by the indie band’s sudden genre shift. The Hustle 3. Nike is launching a maternity line. Nike (M), coming September 17, will feature four apparel pieces and keep it competitive in the athleisure realm, while also meeting increased demand for more diversity in maternity wear. But there’s more to it. Last year, athletes on Nike’s sponsorship roster said the brand financially penalized athletes who became pregnant. Nike revised its maternity payment policy following the backlash. The revelation was one of many gaffes at odds with Nike’s commercials championing social justice and inclusivity-minded expansions into other underserved categories, like plus. With the launch of Nike (M), the brand's still trying to signal that it stands for inclusivity—even if previous actions have fallen short. Retail Brew

Know Your Newbies

Welcome Michela Noviello to the Campaign Services Team!

Fun Fact: Michela loves to travel and has been to 15 countries and would love to travel to 15 more within the next few years!

Mind Edit

We have some really exciting stuff coming this month for Wellness Month so remember to check Slack and your email for the upcoming events! Reminder: Meditation with Soul Beauty Chat is today at 4pm! 

For this week's MindEdit, what are some of your favorite shows, people you follow or podcasts that inspire you to work harder, dream bigger and live more fully? I personally love listening to NPR's How I Built This all about how entrepreneurs started their businesses. Share them with me or Joanna!

New from Marketing

A few new pieces to share with you all this week! 

*New and Updated* Springbot Overview 1-Pager: 

Industry Spotlight (more to come) highlighting Home & Garden customer:


Chris Oh (Sept. 6)


Erika Brookes (5 years)

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