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With the success of our Shoutout Slack channel, the time has come to sunset shoutouts in the Skinny. We encourage everyone to participate in shouting each other in Slack out so we can all share in our successes together. #livethejourneyasateam

And here are three other things you should know: 1. CDC reversed course on its testing recommendations. While Dr. Fauci was absent due to surgery, the CDC said people who don't show symptoms don't need to get tested. Naturally, everyone is saying this is terrible advice - if you've been in contact with someone who is positive for Covid-19, you should absolutely get tested. At a moment when experts have almost universally come forward to encourage more frequent and widespread testing, especially to reach vulnerable and marginalized sectors of the population, the CDC’s update appears counterintuitive and “very strange,” said Susan Butler-Wu, a clinical microbiologist at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California. AJC 2. Another bidder on TikTok. With all the drama surrounding TikTok, a new strange turn has emerged: Microsoft and Walmart are getting together to bid on the social media platform. “We believe a potential relationship with TikTok US in partnership with Microsoft could add this key functionality and provide Walmart with an important way for us to reach and serve omnichannel customers as well as grow our third-party marketplace and advertising businesses. We are confident that a Walmart and Microsoft partnership would meet both the expectations of US TikTok users while satisfying the concerns of US government regulators,” Walmart said in a statement shared by CNBC. Engadget 3. Nike is cutting ties with retailers. Brands like Dillard's and Zappos are about to get chopped from Nike's partner network. Nike had already ended its partnership with Amazon, aiming to drive more sales from its site, stores and a select few third-party brands. Taking as many retail partners as possible is a 1990 growth strategy. As the “hottest brand in the world,” Nike doesn’t need to be everywhere basketball shorts are sold to reach customers. Plus, the coronavirus economy placed an even higher premium on direct sales. And Nike has room to grow online: Its clothing unit averages 568,000 site visits/month to competitor Lululemon’s 6.3 million, per SimilarWeb. Morningbrew Springbot Shoutouts "Shoutout to Olivia Todd, Abby Barnett and Sheila Gaskell who have been non stop recording amazing content for our MM1 customers. These customers sure are in for a real treat!" Tara Crawshaw "Shoutout to Manon Audibert for offering her amazing design eye and talent to help me with a bunch of projects recently. Thanks for always making sure things are pretty and consistent with the Springbot brand!" Joanna Thompson "Shoutout to LaMia Florence and Rylan Benet for working on some insightful trainings for our Facebook Campaign Services customers to help them become experts too - knowledge is power!" Tara Crawshaw "Appreciation shoutout to my marketing and product peeps (Erika Brookes, Ben Smith, Lisa Ng, Jarrett Board, Hannah Rozelle and Christina Roughton) who have really been crushing it in all the things. Y'all are amazing!" Manon Audibert "Shoutout to Amanda Newby for coordinating a PROFIT team meeting for us to continue our small group conversation from the NOVA Processing Session - thanks for keeping the conversation going!" Joanna Thompson

Mind Edit

September is Wellness Month! Next week we are specifically focussing on mindfulness and for this week's Mind Edit we would really appreciate your help! One of the hardest parts of starting therapy is just finding someone. We are working to create a robust Mental Health resource doc and wanted to know, do you have a therapist or mental health provider you would recommend or refer? Or perhaps some mindfulness resources you use and would recommend. This would be entirely anonymous - just fill out this anonymous form:

Thank you so much in advance! 

- Your Employment Brand Team

** Please also join us Thursday, 9/3 at 4pm for Meditation led by SoulBeautyChat! **


Blaire Holt (Aug. 27)


Hannah Rozelle (6 years) Ryan Stagner (1 year)

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