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Have you signed up for the Pitch-a-Thon yet? The contest is next Wednesday and the team member from Sales or Success gets a $100 prize and the Springbot Championship Belt!  Signup here to participate:

And here are three other important things you should know:

1. Stock up on Clorox Wipes when you can. With the Covid pandemic lasting longer that anticipated in the United States, Clorox has stated that there's a good chance they won't be able to fully stock shelves until 2021. In an earnings call earlier this week, Clorox company president and CEO-elect, Linda Rendle, announced the company might not be able to restock the product in stores until next year. "Given the fact cold and flu (season) sits in the middle of the (fiscal) year, and we expect the pandemic to be with us for the entirety of the year, it will take the full year to get up to the supply levels that we need to be at," Rendle said Monday during the call. ABC News

2. The first splashdown in 45 years. Sunday saw an event that hasn't happened since 1975: NASA astronauts returning to earth in a capsule designed by SpaceX and landing in the Gulf of Mexico. Test pilots Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken rode the SpaceX Dragon capsule back to Earth less than a day after departing the International Space Station and two months after blasting off from Florida. The capsule parachuted into the calm gulf waters about 64 kilometres off the coast of Pensacola, Fla., hundreds of kilometres from tropical storm Isaias pounding Florida's Atlantic coast. "Welcome back to planet Earth and thanks for flying SpaceX," the company's Mission Control said. CBC

3. 200,000. Georgia has crossed the 200,000 mark for confirmed cases of Covid-19, with nearly 4,000 deaths attributed to the novel virus. With outbreaks occurring in reopened schools and no strict mandates in place, it's likely the state will continue to see increases. Georgia is among 21 states with outbreaks serious enough to be placed in the "red zone" by the White House Coronavirus Task Force, according to a federal report obtained last week by The New York Times. The report, which was distributed to states, recommends a mandate for the public to wear masks in coronavirus hot spots and, "optimally," statewide. AJC Shoutouts *A quick heads up about this section: We will be sunsetting it the final week of August. We encourage everyone to use the #shoutout channel on Slack to recognize other Springbots!* "Shout out to James Beaumont and Joe Ross for pursuing their dreams and going back to school. Springbot is going to miss you but appreciates all of your hard work and contributions over the past year-plus. Thank you both and best of luck in your next chapter!" Matt Gianakos "Shoutout to Preston Palmer for going demo to close twice in one day for $1k!!!" Connor Dunaway "Big thanks to Emily Farina for compiling data to help with the End of Month Sales & Success competition!" Joanna Thompson "Shoutout to Jared Meline for his diligence in the managing of customer Klaviyo migrations. Thank you for your consistent effort to satisfy our customers. Lets beat Klaviyo!" Joel Thomas "Thank you to the entire Sales Team for your excitement and adoption of DialPad, our new phone system! A huge technology change is always an adjustment and y'all haven't let learning something new slow you down or be a distraction!" Emily Farina "How about Russell Harper with 3 demos to close this week! Preston Palmer with 2 demos to close in 1 day!!!" Connor Dunaway "Shoutout to Anna Somora for coming up with new ideas on how the PROFIT team can better connect & learn about each other's roles and responsibilities - can't wait to learn more about my teammates and figure out how we can best support each other!" Joanna Thompson "Shoutout to the Dev Team, Product, Success, and EVERYONE involved with launching SMS. Sales is looking forward to working it into our conversation more and excited about what it will mean to our success going into our busiest months of the year. Cheers to all that played a part!" Matt Gianakos "Shoutout to Matt Jarman, Clay Cooledge, Mike Hayes, Ryan Hendrix and Joe Ross for heavily leading the AE team in own-desk revenue for July. Way to go!" Joel Thomas "Shoutout to Emily Farina her training, user guidance and troubleshooting supporting the DialPad rollout." Abby Weatherby From Marketing Don't forget to opt into Springbot's SMS messages by texting SPRING2WIN to 43196 for updates and other fun stuff! Masterclasses Are Back Learn how to tie-dye your shirts, make a candle, discover the finer nuances of wine and more with Springbot's masterclasses, hosted by your fellow Springbots! Signup for classes here! Mind edit Need some quick relief from the Coronavirus blues? We've got you covered. Check out these 5-minute "resets" you can use to get yourself out of the funk. Happy Birthday! Bailey Miller (Aug. 5) Cody McGuire (Aug. 5)

Anniversaries Joe Ross (1 year)

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