Spring Into Action and Beta 'Bots

Just a reminder that the quarterly is right around the corner, and so is the next Spring Into Action Award! Go here to nominate one of your fellow Springbots! Nominations end May 3.

And here are three other things you should know:

1. The Amazon Salon is coming. Looks like the retail giant found a new industry to target: haircare. Amazon's hair salon will open up in London with all the bells and whistles you'd expect, including the ability to see yourself with different hairstyles and colors. Amazon Salon is a rare in-person foray into the small but growing world of commerce-oriented augmented reality. The store takes try-before-you-buy to a new level, giving customers a demo or their hair in various virtual colors. They can preview a pink 'do before fully committing. ... Product selection runs on “point-and-learn” technology. If you like that accessory on the display shelf, scan the QR code, tap buy, then voilà, the product is delivered to your house. Morning Brew

2. Composting made simple. For the more eco-conscious out there, food waste is a major concern. Fortunately, a company is pivoting from phone cases to at-home composting with Lomi. Food waste releases lots of methane … into the atmosphere when it decomposes in landfills. Conversely, soil is a major tool for absorbing carbon. “Our plan is to get to 10m Lomis in the world as fast as possible,” says Bertulli. “This would do roughly the same amount of work in helping with carbon capture and diversion as about 100m mature trees… every year.” The effort begins with Lomi launching a preorder campaign on Indiegogo, along with a list of “Lomi Approved” products. Hustle

3. Revenge spending is a thing now. After a year of being indoors and spending less, consumers are now ready to break the bank in retail. "As $1.4K stimulus checks hit bank accounts and vax shots hit arms, Americans hit stores and restaurants. The biggest pops in consumer spending were in pandemic-pummeled sectors:

  • Risers: Restaurant sales were up 13%, while clothing store sales soared 18%. Sporting goods and hobby stores were up a whopping 23%.

  • Fallers: Grocery sales barely budged from February, and actually fell 14% from March last year. Sales at online retailers jumped only 6%." RHS

Know Your Newbies Please give a warm welcome to Jake Dunn (sales), Mutale Kabulo (sales) and Taylor Bartlow (success)!

Fun Facts Jake - "My favorite food is pizza. Hint hint, please send pizza recs. So far Antico is at the top of my list." Mutale - "I was born in a small country in the central southern part of Africa called Zambia and I lived there for the first 12 years of my life. I also speak 3 different languages, English of course and also Bemba and Nyanja which are two of the primary languages of Zambia." Taylor - "My fun fact is that I have 2 dogs - one is named Pig and the other is named Pinot (yes like the wine :))" New From Marketing The Marketing Team is happy to say the Beta 'Bots 1.0 has been launched. Looking to set up a formal beta program for platform features and improvements, we worked with the customer success team to identify app users we could contact with this first round of recruiting. Beta 'Bots is a building block toward a VIP program, where we can lean on customers for more than just beta testing - think case studies, customer referrals, positive reviews, etc. Your Beta 'Bots Launch Team: Hannah Rozelle, Christina Roughton, Callie Maloney, Nick Hardy, Lisa Ng, Manon Audibert, and Ben Smith. Mind Edit Reminder to all you April Movement Challengers! If you would like an additional raffle entry for your chance to win a pair of Apple AirPods or a Fitbit, Slack me (@maudib) a picture of you doing one of your movement activities! All photos must be submitted by Wednesday, April 28th by EOD. FYI - these photos may also be used for social postings. Birthdays Michael McBrayer (Apr. 20) Carter Fulton (Apr. 25)

Anniversaries Chaz Ferguson (5 years)

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