Spring Into Action and Sign Up For the Springbot Olympics!

The Olympic games are underway, and Springbot will be hosting its own company wide competition next Wednesday starting at 4 PM. Assemble your team and sign up for the Springbot Olympics here! Additionally, our company quarterly is also next Wednesday. As always, we'll reveal our winners of the Spring Into Action award. If you have someone you'd like to nominate, do it here! And here are three other things you should know: 1. Athleta's improved rewards program. Athleta, who recently made waves by snagging Simone Biles away from Nike, has now revamped its loyalty program - in a wake of other brands doing the same. If we’ve learned anything from the barrage of customer loyalty revamps, it’s that there comes a point in every modern brand’s life when it must expand its rewards program. ... Athleta announced AthletaWell, a digital community-driven platform for the company’s rewards members. AthletaWell will include user-generated content and forums—spanning topics from exercise to fertility to body positivity—as well as advice from wellness experts. Athleta is also partnering with Obé, a digital fitness platform, to offer members exclusive virtual workout classes. “It was born from this understanding that women today don't really have a safe space to engage in certain topics or ask certain questions,” Athleta Chief Digital Officer Kim Waldmann told Retail Brew. “There's a huge amount of value in building loyalty,” Waldmann told us, especially as Athleta aims to double sales to $2 billion by 2023. Retail Brew 2. Shopify hits the big B. As ecomm spending hits record highs, Shopify's numbers also continue to rise. The company has recently hit $1 billion in sales in the second quarter, over $300 million more than it posted the same quarter last year. The e-commerce company posted revenue of $1.12 billion in the second quarter, up from $714 million a year earlier and ahead of the FactSet consensus, which called for $1.05 billion. ... Gross payment volume, or the amount of GMV that went through the company’s payments platform, rose to $20.3 billion from $13.4 billion and accounted for 48% of the GMV that Shopify processed during the second quarter. “As consumer spending remained strong, our merchants thrived and extracted more value from our platform, contributing to our rapid growth,” Chief Financial Officer Amy Shapero said of the overall results in a news release. MarketWatch 3. Walmart is in a sharing mood. The retail giant is teaming up with Adobe to provide technology to other ecomm stores. What tech is that? Order online, pick-up in stores. This partnership is an apparent move to get a leg up on Amazon by offering SMBs the ability to sell goods online and have them picked up by shoppers at their local Walmart. Starting Wednesday, small- and medium-size retailers can purchase the technology Walmart has developed to allow shoppers to buy items online and pick up the purchases at the store. These businesses also will be able to add products to Walmart’s online marketplace with just a few clicks. To offer the suite of cloud-based services, Walmart has partnered with Adobe, which will sell the software through a subscription. “When we started on the journey, Covid had just hit,” said Anshu Bhardwaj, vice president of technology strategy and commercialization at Walmart Global Technology. “We reaped the benefits of getting on this omnichannel journey early on.” CNBC

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