Tacos Are Back on the Menu

Taqueria del Sol is back to taking orders and are still offering pints of their margarita mix and all feels a little more right with the world. Also, here are three more uplifting things to close out the week: 1. This is one way to clean up the ocean. Two ocean-faring groups have joined forces to fight Covid-19 by making masks out of plastic removed from the ocean. "With face masks being in such high demand amongst the novel coronavirus outbreaks, one company has taken a more eco-friendly approach to supplying the public with protective masks. The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) has partnered with sustainable sportswear company Rash’r to make face masks out of plastic pollution that has been salvaged from the ocean. Each mask is sold with five replacement filters at the cost of $20.40—which is just enough to cover the costs of manufacturing." Good News Network 2. One step closer to a vaccine. Primates given a Covid-19 vaccine are reported to be safe after being exposed to the virus. "Six monkeys given a vaccine developed by the University of Oxford are said to be coronavirus-free 28 days after sustained exposure to the virus. The result is a promising early sign for the vaccine, which is also undergoing human trials. A working human version, however, remains months away even in the best-case scenario. The monkey experiment was carried out in late March by government scientists at the Rocky Mountain Laboratory in Hamilton, Montana, The New York Times reported Monday." Yahoo News 3. A mental health resource for those that need it. If the pandemic is impacting your mental health, the Pandemic Crisis Services Coalition has your back with a new website. "The new site debuted with a database of crisis services searchable by state, contact method, support type, topics, and categories. Someone in New York, for example, could search for text-based services staffed by counselors with experience talking about anxiety. In addition to anxiety, topics include bullying, gambling, parenting, and substance use. There are several categories that focus on demographics like gender, veteran status, age, and sexuality." Find the site here.

Springbot Shoutouts "Shout out to our dev leadership - Matt Manning, Chaz Ferguson, Jonathan Ramey, Marc Gebeily as well as Duncan and Vickers for great participation over the last week in Q3 Planning. Super exciting to discuss the possibilities for Springbot in Q3. " Product Team "Thank you to Manon Audibert and Ben Smith who have swiftly and capably picked up the full marketing spectrum of responsibilities in the last 7-10 days.  I am incredibly grateful for your commitment to our team, and so impressed w/ how smooth it has been." Erika Brookes "Shoutout to Matt Gianakos for all the encouragement, support and time he gives the BDR team everyday. He calls each of us to check in and offers to help us in any way we can." Joseph Ross "I wanted to give a shout to Eric Ryll for owning his craft. He's constantly investing in himself both on and off the job to make sure that he's coming in with something new every day. He's never content with where he's at, and is always striving for more." James Beaumont "Shoutout to Emily Farina for compiling all sales metrics for the EOM Raffle! It's a big task and such a huge help!" Joanna Thompson "Thank you Bailey Miller and Andrew Carter for helping Blaire learn about the sales process as part of her new hire experience!" Emily Farina  "Shoutout to Rebecca Ruffino for handling a VERY unique billing situation and putting in so much time & effort to please the customer. We appreciate you!" Olivia Todd "Thanks to Jack Mclaughlin and Jared Meline for going above and beyond with helping with one of my deals! They both were very helpful on our initial call and follow up calls to make sure the right expectations were set and the customer felt comfortable during the process. Thanks guys!" Bailey Miller "Shoutout to Joanna Thompson & the entire Employee Brand Team for the array of things they've been doing for sales & the whole company during these times - your thoughtfulness is appreciated and your execution is impressive!" Matt Gianakos "Shoutout to Blaire Holt for completing her first week as a Springbot while being remote! It's been a smooth transition as Blaire's been flexible and open to anything we throw at her. It's clear that her Springbot knowledge is accelerating at a very healthy pace and that's a testament to both her hard work and the Success Teams commitment to getting her trained up quickly. Well done Blaire!" Jared Meline  "Huge thanks to Nigel O'Rear, Clark Whitson, Evan Jacobs and Saxon Unrue for pushing through our marathon call last week (almost 3 hours) to work through Back in Stock Notification issues. That hard work and collaboration resulted in our first successful test this week and pushed this upcoming feature much closer to beta and launch. " Hannah Rozelle "Shout out to Manon Audibert and Hannah Rozelle for their great work on the Shopify Email battle card." Jarrett Board "I wanted to send a shoutout to Alex Purvis, he has really turned it around this month and has shown that no matter where you are in the month, to always keep a good mental state. Great Job Alex!" Andrew Carter "Shoutout to Emily Farina, Carter Fulton, Matt Jarman, Molly Blechman, and Bailey Miller for sharing all of their knowledge on effective social selling!" Sean Vennett "Smile is officially launched in both our app and the Smile website. Big shout out to Christina Roughton for all of her work to get us there." Jarrett Board "Shoutout to Carter Fulton, Eric Ryll, and Andrew Carter for celebrating quarantine birthdays this week - happy birthday you guys! Cheers!! Also shoutout to Carter & Andrew for also moving into new apartments this week!" Matt Gianakos "Shout out to our beloved community manager, Joanna Thompson, who embodies Springbot's values and works tirelessly to create fun(ny), positive and interesting ways for all of us to come together on a daily basis." Hannah Rozelle 'Bot Squad Let's hear it for our next 'Bot Squad member, Andrew Foah! Andrew takes you through his typical day in his "Day in the Life" - check his and the rest of the "day in the life series" by clicking here

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The Shaky Knees Music Festival would have been this weekend in Central Park , so they are bringing it to you virtually! Check out the info below: Please join us ONLINE this weekend, ‪May 1-3 for #ShakyKnees TV Virtual Weekend, showcasing some of our favorite past performances including My Morning Jacket, Beck, The Strokes, and more.⚡️This 3-day extravaganza is the ultimate pregame for what’s to come at Central Park this fall. The show ‪starts at 8pm ET each night at! Happy Birthday! Eric Ryll (Apr. 29) Rachel Parks (May. 3)


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