Thank you for getting your Flu Shot!*

As some of you might have heard, Ben will be starting his paternity leave today! Everyone is anxiously awaiting Baby Smith and we couldn't be more excited for him and his family. In the interim I will be taking over the Skinny, so please let me know if you ever have any questions, suggestions or comments! 

*A sincere thank you to everyone who got their flu shot today. You've helped us take one step closer to keeping the office a healthier place during the sick season! 

Weren't able to? Publix is offering a $10 gift card when you get your flu shot with them. So like...that's pretty nice. 

Here are three important things you should know this week: 1. Google Nest doesn't need a camera to know you're there. After a recent update, the smart device now have hypersensitive listening capabilities so it'll always know when you're in the room, even if Google the Nest can't see you. "Ultrasound sensing is a smart workaround for the fact the original Nest Hub (née Google Home Hub) doesn't feature a camera. By using high-frequency sounds, the smart display can tell whether you're in the same room as it is, in addition to your approximate position. It will then use this information to adjust its interface. For instance, when you're farther away from the Nest Hub, it will increase the size of its fonts to make them more legible." Engadget 2. Birchbox is heading to the pharmacy. Just in time for the holidays, Birchbox has partnered with Walgreens to place pop-ups in some 500 stores just in time for the holidays. "Grabbing Walgreens shoppers while they’re browsing toothbrushes has yielded big results for Birchbox. COO Pooja Agarwal told Retail Dive that it acquires 15 times more subscribers per month through its Walgreens collab. ... We all know pop-ups are actually testing grounds for permanent stores. Birchbox hasn’t confirmed it yet, but I wouldn’t be shocked if its most successful holiday outposts become permanent fixtures in 2020." Retail Brew 3. Get drunk and solve a crime. That's the idea behind a new escape room set to open Nov. 15. Clues and Cocktails will be located on Auburn Avenue, below Room Escape, and patrons will have the option to participate or sit back and watch. "The grand opening could include solving a crime set inside a mid-century Southern jail while bar patrons are serenaded, served cocktails, and provided intel on the mystery by a suspicious cast of characters." Eater Atlanta New from Marketing In anticipation of the upcoming Holidays, Marketing has built a new Calendar highlighting the top shopping days starting the week of Thanksgiving through the end of the year. Check it out here! Springbot Shoutouts Shoutout and congratulations to Clay Cooledge on being promoted to the AE role-- we're excited to see Clay's progression and all that he's going to bring to the table in the AE role! Travis Wheeler  Big shoutout and thank you to everyone who contributed to making the Quarterly Meeting a success yesterday. Everyone who helped plan, set up, break down, the presenters - you all make my job easier and I appreciate it! Joanna Thompson Shoutout to Connor Dunaway, Joel Thomas, and Clay Finney for sharing some great competitor info to help us plan and shape our competitor campaigns. Lisa Ng Shoutout to Lisa Ng and all the great things she's helped us with on driving more urgency and opportunity as we progress through the  holiday season! Thank you for all you do, Lisa! Travis Wheeler Shoutout to our Spring into Action Winners! Manon Audibert, Rebecca Ruffino, and Jack Mclaughlin - you all have such a big impact on Springbot and are so deserving of this award! Joanna Thompson Shoutout Rosalynn Glover and the other members of the coaching/services team that have taken time out of their busy schedule to jump on calls with us to help potential customers better understand all of the value that our team provides on the customer success side! We really appreciate it! Travis Wheeler  Thank you Amanda Newby for organizing the in-office flu shots! Joanna Thompson Mind Edit Want to change up your workout game? What if your sign could tell you which new exercise to try? Check out this article by MindBody which "helps you find a new fitness style that's aligned with the stars!" MindBody Happy Birthday! Will Johnson (Nov. 4) Zach Hipes (Nov. 8)

Anniversaries Javier Munoz (Nov. 6, 2 years) Matt Manning (Nov. 6, 2 years) That's all for this week! Marketing Team

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