The Big Dance and All Hands

Just a reminder that you have until Noon today to join the Springbot March Madness Pool and complete your bracket. Additionally, next Thursday is our monthly all-hands at 1 PM. And here are three other things you should know: 1. The B2B shift. The ecommerce boom is continuing, now with many B2B retailers looking to grow their online businesses. The key takeaway from the research is that a majority (61%) of B2B sellers are shifting their focus to investing in ecommerce. 86% of the B2B sellers interviewed are forecasting an upward trend in ecommerce revenue in 2021. The findings of the report are important to businesses involved in making commercial transactions with other businesses. Since the pandemic reared its head in early 2020, businesses have been forced to conduct business online. This trend looks set to continue even as markets start to open up. SBT 2. The relationship between women leaders and business. Spoiler alert: it's great, and many companies that have women in leadership positions are performing better than their competitors. Diverse representation is key to achieving equal opportunity, but is also correlated to financial benefits. Many studies indicate that companies with more gender diversity perform better. ... When women are well represented in leadership, companies are 25% more likely to outperform their peers on profitability. Robinhood Snacks 3. Apple's bring spring show is coming. And you can check out the rumored announcements here. Multiple Apple leakers have suggested or even said outright that they expect the company to hold an event on March 23. One of those leakers, Jon Prosser, has since revised his prediction to say the event will actually take place sometime in April for unspecified reasons. However, the timing of the event isn't what's important — what really matters is what Apple decides to show off. Mashable

Mind Edit Have you seen our Mind Edit Library?! Be sure to add your favorite books to the list! Again, thank you to Christina Roughton for this great idea! Birthdays

Dominique DiNardi (Mar. 17) Joe Reger (Mar. 20)

Anniversaries Sawyer Vickers (1 year) Evan Jacobs (7 years) O'Koyea Huff-Boone (2 years)

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