🎊 The Last One of 2020! 🎊

This will be the last Skinny of the year. As a reminder, the office will be closed December 24, 25 and January 1. Everyone have a restful break and a happy new year! Don't forget Early Voting is happening now! Check here for polling locations! And here are three things you should know: 1. Need an explainer on the massive SolarWinds hack? The cyber attack has been discussed in the news and primarily focused on government vulnerabilities - but other sectors were impacted also. Check out the full break from The Hustle here. 2. Buy now, pay later is here to stay. One of the rising stars of consumer pandemic behavior isn’t going anywhere. Platforms like Affirm and AfterPay have seen higher adoption, and Klarna is even wedging itself into brick-and-mortars. Online retailers have typically noticed higher cart values when shoppers can split the receipt with their future selves. During a holiday season when shoppers are spending less, brands have marketed their BNPL partners alongside their holiday discounts. Retail Brew 3. Looking to binge out the rest of 2020? Digital Trends has a list of the best new movies to stream across the veritable entertainment platform landscape. Check it out here.

A few end of year Shoutouts!

🎊 A big thank you to everyone who participated in our Boys & Girls Club Toy Drive! And an extra thank you to Joanna Thompson for making the delivery and representing Springbot!

🎊 Coming 2021: Springbot Master Classes! Be sure to sign up for some really awesome opportunities hosted by our own bots! First up will be a Six Sigma for Managers class with Marcus Vassell & a Learn to Draw class with Brian Wleklinski, so be sure to sign up if you're interested in those or any others!

🎊 Special Shoutout to Ben Smith who curates all the fun and interesting articles in the Skinny - #teamworkmakesthedreamwork! 🎊 Special Shoutout to my amazing teammates on the Employment Brand Team for all their awesome work this year! Erika Brookes, Joanna Thompson, Emily Farina and Amanda Newby! New From Marketing 2021 Marketing Playbook Prospects - Customers -

Southern Baked Pies Customer Case Study Mind Edit The holidays can stir up all sorts of different emotions. Maybe a good time to check out Springbot's Wellness Doc! As a quick reminder - this is a working document and we would love to continue to contribute to it. If you have something you would like to add, send it to EBT! Birthdays December is our biggest birthday month! Look at all these shining faces during Birthday Lunch!

Clayton Finney (Dec. 14) Olivia Todd (Dec. 14) DeAysia Douglas (Dec. 15) Nicole Money (Dec. 16) Ben Smith (Dec. 17) Tess Meyer (Dec. 18) Chris Maiello (Dec. 19) Aaron Boggs (Dec. 22) Cole Chrzan (Dec. 22) O'Koyea Huff-Boone (Dec. 27) Jarrett Board (Jan. 2)

Anniversaries Paul Dewey (2 years) Marcus Vassell (3 years)

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