The Lunchbox Entertainment Series

The next two Wednesdays, Colony Square will be participating in the Lunchbox Entertainment Series in the Grove. Click here for more info and check it out if you get a chance. 

Also, here are three important things you should know: 1. Richard Jewell is getting a movie. For those not old enough to remember, Jewell was the hero turned suspect turned pariah of the '96 Olympic Games here in Atlanta. Now, his story is getting the Hollywood treatment with a film, and you can check out the trailer today. "Richard Jewell, starring Paul Walter Hauser and directed by Clint Eastwood, tells the story of how Jewell became the prime suspect of the bombing, accused by the government of planting the bomb to make himself look like the hero." Mashable 2. UPS is taking to the air. The delivery company just received certification to operate its fleet of drones, and are making plans to start dropping of packages, at first, to hospitals and medical campuses before expanding outside the healthcare industry. "Flight Forward is the first company to claim the Part 135 Standard certification, and it'll be able to operate an unlimited number of drones. The machines and their payloads can weigh more than 55 pounds and UPS can fly its drones at night." Engadget 3. Wag isn't doing so hot. The startup dog-walking service came out of the gates quick, but is now starting sink. SoftBank has invested heavily, but it's still not enough to keep the app from struggling. "Since the investment, Wag’s rise has been stifled by multiple rounds of layoffs, dwindling market share, and a number of bad reviews, highlighting yet again how hard it is for a company to navigate the waters of expansion at warp speed ... According to CNN, former employees claim that Hilary Schneider, the veteran tech exec who took over for Josh Viner as Wag’s CEO shortly after the SoftBank investment, is failing to grasp issues like growth, pet safety, and customer service." The Hustle Springbot Shoutouts "BIG shoutout to Joanna Thompson, our beloved Community Manager, for the thoughtful and perfectly put together 'Survival Kits' on the last day of the month. Sales Team loved em! Especially the under-eye masks." Matt Gianakos "Shoutout to the entire Customer Success Team for a HUGE upsell month in September - approx. $58K in upsell, which is the second biggest upsell month in Springbot history!  Thanks to everyone for your help - this month, we get over $60K!" Amber Remm "Shoutout to Miles Raphael and Nigel O'Rear on QA for doing an amazing job pushing out 21 tickets on Tuesday and another 20 tickets today - the coaching team is so pumped!" Tara Crawshaw "Shoutout to Bailey Miller for hitting 213% of quota in her first month closing, well done Bailey!" Clayton Finney "Big thank you to Rosalynn Glover for starting the Facebook 101 series to bring Facebook advertising knowledge to the entire Onboarding and Customer Success team! Your Facebook knowledge makes us all better advocates for our customers and gives us new ideas to optimize their digital strategy as a whole." Carrie Bushman "Congratulations to Stuart Way on his path from AE to Sr. AE! He's very deserving and we're excited for him to take on a larger role and more responsibilities!" Travis Wheeler "Shout out to Andrew Carter and Molly Blechman for each driving over $6,000 in revenue off of their desks in September. Some of the most revenue ever driven by BDRs!" Matt Gianakos "Awesome job to the Customer Success Team for all their September achievements!" Amanda Newby "Congratulations to Molly Blechman on her recent promotion from BDR to AE! We're excited to be a part of her continued growth and success at Springbot!" Travis Wheeler "Thank you to ALL Springbots who attended Springbot Talks for your active participation and being such a great audience! Special shoutouts to Amber Remm for her help securing the guest, and Joanna Thompson and Amanda Newby for helping set-up!" Emily Farina "Great job by the Customer Success Team for getting some great upsells this month!" Cody McGuire "Shout out to Clay Cooledge for having another strong month in September and earning the opportunity to start AE training. This guy is a beast and we're all looking forward to seeing his continued success closing." Matt Gianakos Mind Edit Want to know a quick way to “improve how engaged, productive and creative you are at work?” Try the 4-7-8 breathing method: Breathe in through your nose for a count of 4, hold the breathe for 7 seconds, then blow out through your mouth for a slow count of 8. If you can do this twice a day, it can greatly reduce anxiety, optimize your productivity and help you even sleep better at night! Read more about the importance of breathing here. Happy Birthday! Aaron Zimlich (Sept. 29) Joe Ross (Sept. 29) Joel Thomas (Oct. 2)

Anniversaries Ben Smith (Oct. 1, 1 year)

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