The Springbot Social Distancing Skinny

Don't be like these kids who are totally bummed their spring break in Miami is lame. Keep practicing recommended best practices from the CDC and WHO and flatten the curve. And here are three important things you should know: 1. Self isolation getting to you? There are ways to still be social with people, such as Netflix Party, a new Chrome extension that allows you to watch Netflix with your friends. "The free plug-in allows you to synchronize your viewing activity with any number of other accounts—when one person pauses the program, for example, it automatically freezes on everyone else’s screen, too. There’s even a message bar along the right side of your screen, so you can keep up a steady stream of commentary about whatever you decide to watch." Mental Floss 2. Young Americans are not bulletproof. In a study conducted by the CDC, Americans aged 20 to 44 are ending up in the hospital at the same rate as older age groups. "'Lots of young people are getting hospitalized, a lot more than we’re messaging, and, yes, maybe you don’t die, but living with a damaged lung or damaged organ is not a good outcome,' said Prabhjot Singh, a physician and health systems expert at Mount Sinai Health System and the Icahn School of Medicine."  The Hill 3. Stay up to date on what Atlanta restaurants are doing. Eater Atlanta is compiling all news about Atlanta restaurants here.

Springbot Shoutouts *Thanks to everyone who submitted! These are the most shoutouts we've seen maybe ever! So great to keep our community motivated.  "A big shoutout to Joanna Thompson & Amanda Newby for keeping us united and connected through this quarantine with some great ideas and introducing the #rollcall and #cooking channels in Slack!" Manon Audibert "Shout out to Sawyer Vickers for joining our team this week and being flexible as we navigate her onboarding via screen share. You're going to be a great addition to our team! Additionally, thank you to Emily Farina for being a rockstar Enablement Manager who has juggled these trainings along with a lot more this week. Thank you both!" Matt Gianakos "Shoutout to Taylor Pershing for sifting through over 400 accounts to ensure we are ready for some in app communication with customers!" Tara Crawshaw "A shout out to Bailey Miller for always going above and beyond for our team. She organizes helpful docs for our team, shares email templates and always builds up the group!" Laura Bishop "Shout out to Brooks Robinson, Travis Wheeler, and all of SLT for proactively springing into action last week. Yall's support and flexibility during these unprecedented times have helped ease the WFH transition as we continue living the journey as a TEAM." Matt Gianakos "Shout out to Joanna Thompson for helping us stay connected through the #rollcall channel! Your positivity is (the good kind of) contagious and is much appreciated!" Sheila Gaskell "Shout out to the dev/ops team, Josh Lucio, Paul Dewey, Chris Maiello for being so responsive and always willing to hop on calls with our customers. Josh specifically worked with a customer to update his backend so he could ultimately use Springbot! They are awesome to work with!" Rebecca Ruffino "I want to shoutout LaMia Florence for always working late to finish tickets for clients. It makes the campaign manager's jobs a lot less stressful." Hunter Geurink "Shoutout to Hannah Rozelle who has been working diligently to get our in-app guides, tutorials, and checklists to be absolutely amazing for our emerging marketers and expanding marketers. This will ensure they have an experience tailored to their needs." Tara Crawshaw "Shoutout to the entire customer success team for handling our customers with grace and empathy right now - they're are turning to us as their strategic partners, and we're providing them with the support and guidance they need to keep ecommerce operations running smoothly. Thank you!" Amber Remm Shoutout to Molly Blechman for going above and beyond for her customers, making them feel comfortable and onboarding them as smoothly as humanly possible." Joel Thomas Shoutout to LaMia Florence, Taylor Pershing, and Rachel Parks for preparing an amazing webinar for our emerging marketer customers on growth!" Tara Crawshaw "A big shoutout to Nick Hardy for taking a non-recyclable item out of the recycling bin last week so the whole bin wouldn't be contaminated. We really appreciate that! The Green Group "Big shoutout to Hannah Rozelle for getting our first SMS shortcode approved." Jarrett Board "Shoutout to Joanna Thompson and Amanda Newby for helping the springbots live the journey as a team, even while we're all working remotely. The #rollcall channel is a great way to connect with everyone, and provide a little fun throughout the day - thank you!" Amber Remm "Shoutout to Chris Maiello for assisting sales with a difficult install." Joel Thomas  From Amanda Newby: "Thanks to the Senior Leadership Team for moving quickly to make decisions and ensure our teams stays safe!" "Thanks for all the 2019 Champions for an awesome weekend in Seaside! Hope to see even more of you there next year!!" "Thank you to Manon Audibert for putting together all the design aspects of Champions Club!" "Thanks Joanna Thompson for being my right-hand woman leading up to & during Champions Club!" "Shoutout to the entire TEAM! I miss seeing everyone daily!!"  Quarantine Thread If anyone has any ideas for virtual events, please send them to Amanda's through Slack (@amanda) or email (! Ideas can include, Group exercise, a happy hour, virtual movie watching...What do you want to do during this time as a team?! Mind Edit We all have seen articles about how best to WFH, but wanted to share a few additional ideas to consider when going on a pause or break.  - Make sure to check in with the people you care about, whether that be family, friends, a more distant friend, a fitness instructor, or even your doctor! I think we all can use that positive reminder we are all here for each other during this time.  - Exercise if you can! There are great suggestions in the #rollcall Slack channel so definitely check those out. Studios are also offering free trials for virtual classes and even Peloton has a 90-day trial app offer going! Exercise is great to keep you brain energized and helps with stress! Birthdays Dominique DiNardi (Mar. 17) Joe Reger (Mar. 20) Matt Gianakos (Mar. 22)


Evan Jacobs (6 years) O'Koyea Huff-Boone (1 year)

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